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Used Diesel Generators – Diesel Generator for Sale

A refurbished used diesel generator can closely match a new one across most parameters barring insurance. A careful selection can help to meet all requirements with high efficiency. At Central States Diesel Generators, we approach the acquisition of every used diesel generator with great care. This ensures that the refurbished units we offer as generators and generator sets for sale remain as assets and not liabilities. Read more

Our comprehensive appraisal looks at all aspects of the used diesel generator such as hours of operation, mode of operation – continuous or standby, EPA ratings, year of manufacture, maintenance records etc. In-depth analysis translates into a sturdy and rugged generator that is made available to buyers. The used generators that we acquire undergo a major transformation after our technical teams overhaul the generators for sale, combing through every component with advanced diagnostics and expertise. Every diesel generator, either brand new or used is rated as per certain critical parameters such as rated capacity, voltage system configuration, frequency, mode of operation, run time and overload capacity etc.

Our stock

At Central States Diesel Generators, we have a wide range of brand new and used industrial diesel generators for sale including Caterpillar, Cummins generators, MTU, Multiquip, Blue Star, and Kohler generators and generator sets. The refurbished units that we sell are backed by the high standards we set in business. Our appraisal and compulsory overhaul lend the best ratings to the refurbished generator units that meet the desired critical parameters across models. If you ever need backup power from an efficient and trouble-free used diesel generator, reach out to us, we will get you the perfect asset.

Finding and Choosing a Used Diesel Generator

You’ve decided to jump in and acquire a used diesel generator. How do you distinguish between a good diesel generator buy and a lemon?

First, confirm what type of fuel the given generator you're considering is going to need. Obviously, a diesel generator will have advantages, but do you have a diesel source available in your area? Also check your power requirements.

Second, make sure to have an installer lined up and ready to go who knows how to work on a diesel generator. Diesel units are not a plug-and-play setup by any means.

Third, where is your diesel generator going to be located and can it fit the size of the unit you are considering? Are there any fire and safety considerations that have to be met as well? Is there risk of flooding nearby or water exposure? If the first location doesn’t meet these concerns, you will need to rethink the installation and where your generator could work before buying.

Fourth, does the used diesel generator come with a warranty or not? Some have anywhere from 1 to 5 years on them, others are sold as-is. A warranty can be a significant protection from cost creep later on if there is more than a maintenance issue.

Finally, who is going to do the actual maintenance on your diesel generator once it is in place and installed? It can’t simply be left to sit or run without regular quality upkeep and checking everything is working correctly. Maintenance is a key factor in getting the longest life out of a used diesel generator and your money’s worth in the purchase.

A Diesel Generator Has Your Back

Why invest in a backup diesel generator even if you don’t need it right away?

Well, first off, things go wrong. As our modern utility systems continue to wrestle with growth and faster load demand increases than can be handled, we are seeing spike periods cause breakdowns more frequently. In these situations, it doesn’t matter how important one’s work or operations are, everybody gets cut off from a power supply on a regular grid. And that’s not a good situation when your operations need to be running reliably or ripple effects occur. So that's one good reason to invest in a diesel generator.

No more power outages

It’s one thing to plan a schedule outage, but it’s quite another to be dealing with sporadic shut offs and unplanned hours of disruptions. On the other hand, with a backup diesel generator, you have immediate and reliable security for power sourcing under your commercial control.

This can easily give you a far better sense of mission-critical control of your operations, especially when the regular power grid is getting hammered with demand during peak periods. An emergency backup diesel power supply can also be a key business continuity tool during disaster periods where your facilities may not be impacted by the local power grid is wiped for weeks due to regional damage.

The bottom line

So, when one takes all the above into consideration, and how efficient and safe a diesel generator can be, it starts to make a lot of sense to have a backup diesel generator on standby.

Pros & Cons of Buying or Renting a Used Diesel Generator

You may be in a decision situation trying to decide whether you need a used diesel generator. Here are some pros and cons to consider:


An efficient power source

Diesel generators provide an efficient power source from a fuel that’s less affected by demand spikes or climate issues. Diesel fuel has readily been plentiful when other power sources suffer logistical problems.


Diesel generators probably have some of the greatest versatility as power sources in multiple industry needs and can be utilized far more efficiently than other backup sources.

Long life

Among all backup or secondary power sources, diesel generators have the longest life performance, easily paying back their investment multiple times over.



They are noisy. Diesel generators are not the kind of thing to plant next to a residential neighborhood or your desk office. They are going to make a racket.

Cost of installation

The installation of a diesel engine is a considerable part of the investment, so the cost has to be included in the overall decision.

Cost of repairs

Repairs for diesel units can be more expensive than other power sources, but this can be offset or avoided by using a high quality unit, regular maintenance, proper care and upkeep, as well as not overloading the diesel generator or abusing it.

Used Diesel Generator Maintenance Tips

The regular upkeep and care for an industrial diesel generator is typically handled one of two ways: either directly by the owner or as a contracted service.

The benefit of a contracted diesel generator service is that the owner doesn’t have to worry about the skill of repair, sourcing unit parts or the labor aspects. It’s all included in the service and a single point of contact. This can be extremely helpful when the owner has no one onboard who has even a starting point on how to work with or maintain a diesel generator.

On the other hand, the contracted help is a paid service and the cost is going to be a regular liability every month or quarter, whether the service is needed or not. Alternatively, one could take on the maintenance internally, but this requires dedicated staff, tooling, an ability to source parts and consumables as needed, and a mechanical understanding of the given generator.

Maintenance tasks

Many producers have and do provide maintenance support for their diesel generators, but these are often associated with new unit purchases. For used support, one will have to consider the logistics of part and training supply versus geographic location. Maintenance work involves a number of tasks, includingincludes:

  • Replacing consumables
  • Fluid and battery checks
  • Load testing
  • Validating control panel metrics
  • Changing filters

Some of it is quickly learnable, but the more complex aspects could require dedicate skill training and assignment. There’s no perfect solution for everyone, so you’ll need to spend some time planning what works best for your operations.

Diesel Generators versus Natural Gas Generators

A big question when it comes to generators is whether a natural gas solution is better. With natural gas so easily available every day, why would anyone consider used diesel generators over gas? There a number of big advantages of diesel generators over natural gas generators, not just limited to price alone. Diesel continues to remain available and dependable, but here are some other reasons why diesel is a better choice than natural gas:

  • Natural gas is tied to the grid, whereas diesel can be used in any location.
  • Diesel fuel is less flammable than natural gas.
  • A diesel unit has a longer lifespan than a natural gas generator.
  • A diesel unit requires less maintenance than a natural gas generator.

Hands down, a used diesel generator just makes a lot more sense than natural gas for heavy use energy demand.

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