Caterpillar makes some of the most powerful and reliable diesel generators for many different applications. Hence, you can be sure to find a specific Caterpillar diesel generator for every power requirement. You can be confident that diesel generators by Caterpillar follow global standards for low fuel consumption and high efficiency. Moreover, every diesel generator for sale is built to global emissions compliance, and engineered, manufactured, and designed for optimal performance.

Types of Caterpillar Diesel generators

Caterpillar diesel generators are able to deliver clean, economical, and reliable power, especially in the most demanding environments and conditions. Caterpillar supplies generators for standby, continuous, or prime power effortlessly. They test every diesel generator after assembly and the units must pass operational and safety requirement. Certain features make any Caterpillar diesel generator have a bigger advantage over generators from other brands. For example, having a CARB-certification for non-road mobile applications and meeting the US EPA Tier 4 final emission standards.

Caterpillar diesel generators range from portable to industrial units. Portable ones come with powerful four-stroke diesel engines, which combine excellent fuel economy and performance with minimum weight. On-engine after treatment is provided by a diesel oxidation catalyst, NOx reduction system, and a DPF (diesel particle filter) for a low maintenance operation. A Caterpillar diesel generator can go up to 500 hours without needing an oil change.


Thinking of investing in a used diesel generator for sale? Some of the leading suppliers of generators can help you find a used Caterpillar diesel generator that has been load bank tested and verified to be in good working condition. Central States Diesel Generators is one of the best providers of industrial generators and we document every Caterpillar generator’s previous working hours, applications, and age. So, you will know exactly what you are buying. Therefore, by using Caterpillar diesel generators, you can count on durable power sources that are low maintenance, resistant to corrosion, safe, and secure.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Caterpillar Generators

  • Is Caterpillar Warranty and Service reliable?

Yes. Caterpillar is a well-known brand and offers a comprehensive warranty service for its products. Moreover, authorized service providers of Caterpillar are widely available. Since the brand has been around for many decades now, most mechanics have the experience and expertise required to service Caterpillar Generators.  

  • What makes Caterpillar Generator so trustworthy?

Caterpillar generators are very carefully designed, engineered and manufactured for optimal performance. Each major component of every generator is tested individually, as well as after the generator is fully assembled. The generators also undergo the complete unit test at and above 100% of the rated load for operation and safety.

  • How long will my Caterpillar generator run on a tank of fuel?

While run time largely varies the model as well as the load on the generator, if you have a Cat RP series generator you can expect it to run close to 15 hours at 50% load. 

  • Are Caterpillar Diesel Generators energy efficient?

Yes! Caterpillar received the Clean Air Excellence Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the year 2019. The EPA specifically recognized Caterpillar for its Cat 3512E Tier 4 DGB engine. It holds a diesel displacement rate of up to 85%, which is an industry record.