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Central States Diesel Generators in stock inventory can be found here, we own what we advertise, our inventory below is in real time and contains used diesel generators, new diesel generators and used natural gas generators for emergency standby, peak shaving, portable rental and prime power applications. We carry the brands you can trust CAT, Caterpillar, Cummins, Kohler, MTU and others in sizes ranging from 50 kW to 3000 kW. Please contact us if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, we are here to help you, thank you. Read more

Whatever your needs and whatever you want to use your generator for, choosing the right one is important. Our team of generator experts is here to make sure that you’re choosing the right product, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. Types of generator on sale
A generator’s job is to keep things running in the most efficient manner possible, especially when you lose your access to your main power supply. Some businesses and homeowners rely on generators for 100% of the energy they need but they are primarily a backup solution against blackouts, brownouts, and long-term faults with your energy supply.

To make sure you have the power you need, supplied to the devices and appliances that matter most to you, it’s wise to know what generator works best. Here, we’re going to look at two major types of generators we have and what they’re each best used for.

  • Conventional: There are two types of conventional: Stand-by and Prime rated. Stand-by rated means it was built for occasional use in the event of a power outage. A prime rated generator is intended for high usage - it is built to withstand longer ON times. Prime rated are more durable and common in industrial applications such as oilfield drilling. Stand-by generators cannot necessarily run on the fuel provided to the home and need their own fuel source. Often it is diesel with a nearby fuel tank or a natural gas supply line.
  • Inverted: Unlike standby generators, these provide a controlled supply of electrical energy by converting AC to DC. This means they can run at a lower power level when the energy demand isn’t as high. As such, inverted generators are perfect for sensitive digital devices and appliances. Devices like laptops and computers may not withstand the full power of a generator, so the quarter power and half power options available in these generators can provide a supply of energy safe for those devices.

Besides choosing between conventional and inverted, there are also stationary, skid mounted and portable options to consider. Most portable generators require manual operation but can be connected with an automatic transfer switch. As the name implies, they are portable, often wheeled, to make them easier to transport. Stationary generators are fixated on a concrete slab, while skid mounted is term used to refer to non-portable generators which are mounted on steel skids.

Which type of generator you choose depends on your needs and which devices you need to power in what situation. If you’re uncertain which is best for you, get in contact and we can help you choose.

Our gas and diesel engine supply
Besides our generators, we also have high-quality new and used gas and diesel engines available. Engines provide a high supply of mechanical energy, which can be used to either power industrial equipment or to provide a backup or main fuel source to diesel fueled and gas fueled power generators. Our gas and diesel engine inventory regularly updates with new surplus and used engines from suppliers like Caterpillar, Cummins, Kubota and more. If you don’t see the engine you need in stock, get in touch and we can help you find it.

Automatic transfer switches for sale
Both standby and inverted generators use automatic transfer switches. These are the devices that help your generator know when it should be supplying power. Without a transfer switch, you need to turn on your generator manually, such as with a portable generator. These devices monitor the utility power, turning on generators when the main power source has failed. What’s more, they regulate where the generator is supplying power, allowing it to power things on the circuit breaker panel, such as water heats and well pumps. We have a range of automatic transfer switches from Caterpillar, Asco, Cummins and more. If you’re not certain whether your generator needs an automatic transfer switch or you want to upgrade or replace an existing one, let us help you find the best product to meet your needs.

A range of parts and accessories on offer
It’s not just generators we provide. Central States Diesel Generators can help you find the accessories and parts you need to make sure your generator is always in the best condition and performing exactly how you want it to. Some of the important accessories worth knowing about are as follows:

  • Power cords: The right power cord is essential for optimizing the delivery of electricity. There are different amp specifications, so you should choose one that matches the amp delivery of your generator outlets. Similarly, you should check ahead of time that you have a power cord of the right length to reach the appliances you need it to.
  • Wheel kit: Wheel kits are great for portable generators. They fit the generator snugly, allowing it to be wheeled around and transported in a much more convenient manner.
  • Remote start system: For generators without an automatic transfer switch, these devices can be very helpful. When set up, they allow the user to turn on the generator from a distance, meaning you can start or stop the generator’s supply as soon as the power goes on or turns back on.
  • Covers: For generators without weatherproof housing (like many portable generators), these covers can keep them shielded from the elements.
  • Battery charger: A battery charger can be highly useful for those who take their portable generator with them in the car or when they are camping in an RV. It allows you to connect the generator to the car battery so that it can be used to revive a dead vehicle.
  • Cold weather kit: Including a battery warmer and oil heater, these kits are essential for making sure a generator is effective in cold weather settings.
  • Maintenance kit: These kits contain things like oil, spark plugs, and air filters to make sure that both the generator and the engine supplying the power for the generator (if you are using an engine) are kept in the best condition possible.
  • Fuel tank: Often used for portable generators with no permanent fuel supply or fixed generators that are “off the grid.“ These store the fuel that is converted by the engine and generator into electric power, increasing its run time. They can be used to store both diesel and natural gas.
  • Muffler: Standby and portable generators can create a lot of noise when they are in operation. Many generators already come with a muffle to reduce noise from the engine and to exhaust fumes. If yours does not have one, however, then this may be an addition worth considering.

If you’re not certain whether your generator needs any parts or accessories, get in touch with us. Depending on what you plan to use it for, we can ensure that you’re supplied with whatever parts and accessories lend the extra functionality that you’re in need of.

What to consider when buying a used generator
We provide a wide range of high-quality new and used generators, gas and diesel, portable and standby. If you’re not certain which type you need, it can be easy to get lost in the sheer variety of products on offer. For that reason, here are some factors you should look at to help you narrow your choice of generator set down.

  • Price: Budget is always a priority. Our portable generators are the cheapest we offer, but you can use the price sorting feature on our Inventory Page to make sure that you’re looking at the products that match that budget.
  • Power supply: Generators are sold by power output, most frequently measured in kW. We have a range of different kW diesel generators to match different power supply needs, from 33 kW to 1500 kW. If you’re not certain what size you need or how much power you need, get in touch. Tell us what you need to power, and we can help you find the right power supply to match it.
  • Intended purpose: Generators are most commonly used to provide backup electric energy supply in the event of power outages. However, sometimes they are used alongside a fuel tank and engine as a primary means of power for those who want to get “off the grid“. In other cases, they are used in remote locations to provide a portable source of power in which case a portable generator may be more convenient. Similarly, inverter generators are better for supplying power to those with lots of delicate digital devices.

If you need any further help narrowing your choices down, don’t hesitate to get in touch. At Central States Diesel Generators, we are authorities on all things generator-related. We have the knowledge of different types and needs so that you don’t have to look for the right products alone.

Why partner with us?
Central States Diesel Generators prides itself in providing a high-quality level of service to go with our high-quality powered generators. If you have any questions or need advice on which products to buy, we are more than happy to help. If you don’t see the product that you need in our inventory, we can help you source it as cost-effectively as possible, too. What’s more, we offer free shipping on our products, so that you don’t have to worry about the sting of added delivery fees. We are always open to feedback and advice on our services, so if you know how we can improve in any way, please do tell us.

Get in touch with Central States Diesel Generators today
Our Inventory page makes it easy to find precisely the products you’re looking for. There, customers can sort by kW, by price, or by the name and manufacturer of the product. However, if you’re not certain what kind of diesel or gas generator you need then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team is more than happy to provide help and advice along the way. Similarly, we can provide quotes for made-to-order Blue Star Power Systems. You can reach us through the form provided on the Contact Us page or, if we’re open, call us directly at 262-955-7655. We will always do our best to make sure nothing stands between you and the generator you need.

Frequently Asked Questions About Used Generators for Sale

Why should I invest in a used generator?
Buying a used generator can prove to be hugely beneficial for businesses and industrial units alike, thanks to the many benefits it entails. Used generators prove to be ideal when there are budget constraints. There is minimal lead time involved with these generators since they are readily available. When purchased through the right dealer, used generators for sale are fairly convenient to purchase, with minimal paperwork and higher flexibility for modifications.

What should we look for, when opting for used generators?
When on the lookout for used generators for sale, make sure to know the make and model of the generator. You should know the OEM of the machine and have a rough idea of the number of hours it has been used for. If possible, you must enquire about the maintenance record of the generator. A close visual inspection will help you know if the generator has endured any wear and tear. Most importantly, you must check the results of the load test of the generator. This will be easier if you are purchasing the used generator from a reliable dealer, such as Central States Diesel Generators.

Why should I buy a used generator from a dealer?
When you search for ‘used generators for sale, you are bound to come across the names of some renowned dealers. Experts recommend buying used generators from reliable dealers because they have an extensive range of generators for you to choose from. In most cases, your dealer would be willing to offer you assistance and insights to help pick the ideal generator for your specific needs. When purchasing an old generator from a reliable dealer, you can be confident of the load testing and performance of the generator.

With the right dealer by your side, you can rest assured of getting a generator that has passed load testing and has been thoroughly checked for any underlying issues. All of these benefits are worth the slight increase in price.

Why is load testing important?
When looking at a used generator for sale, it is crucial to check the results of the load test performed on the generator. This test is aimed at determining the overall power generation efficiency of the generator. When load testing is conducted properly, it helps ensure that there are no unwanted power breakdowns in the near future.