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New Cummins Diesel Generators

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New Cummins Diesel Generators

About Cummins

Having been established in 1919, Cummins stands firm, reputed, and well-known today. With constant delivery of quality, upgrades with technology, innovation, and fulfilling all the needs of their clients, Cummins is a preferred choice for top industries. They are known for their environmentally friendly and technically advanced range of diesel generators. Their generators are certain to deliver the following characteristics:

  • Fuel efficiency and higher load-taking capability
  • Expert guidance on installation
  • Easy transition from grid to genset
  • Perfect functionality of equipment under extreme conditions
  • Fuel and DEF level sensor
  • Advanced engine control module
  • Audio-visual alarm for timely alerts

The representation of their quality service is through the following promises:

  • Guarantee of service response within 4 hours of complaint
  • 2487 service support
  • Comprehensive warranty ranging up to 2 years
  • Additional warranty of 3 years
  • Easy-to-use mobile-friendly customer care app

Are you willing to choose a product from such a brand? We have a new Cummins generator for sale.

Standby Generators by Cummins

Cummins generators for sale at CS Diesel are available in standby versions. The varying characteristics of these generators include:

EPA standards

The generators are available in compliance with EPA Tier 2 and Tier 3 standards. The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) standards refer to the quality of emissions they release. The state's two tiers address the release of pollutants like unburned hydrocarbons, NOx, carbon monoxide, and particulate matter (PM).

Phase output

The standby new Cummins generators for sale are also available in the 1 and 3 phases. The three-phase generators are more powerful and efficient compared to one-phase generators. They offer an uninterrupted flow of power and come along with more than 180% higher capacity.


Cummins has released numerous models in the category of standby generators. You can find a wide variety of it here at CS Diesel. Find the one that meets your specific requirements.


While the products vary in price depending on a multitude of factors, there are certain ones listed with the ‘Call’ instead of price. It means that interested individuals can connect to negotiate the price of the specific product. You can reach out to us at 414-630-0833, (M) 847-997-8090 or


Beginning from 1 kW and reaching up to 2500 kW, we have the most in-demand power-based varieties of standby Cummins generators for sale. With that stated, we are also offering a new 500 kW Cummins generator for sale.

Factors to Consider Before Buying New Cummins Generator

Buying from the lucrative offers from Cummins generators for sale, here are certain factors to consider before finalizing your decision.

Power and Voltage Requirements

Of course, the newly bought generator must meet your requirements completely. Have your power and voltage needs assessed by qualified electricians for details. You must consider the starting and running power, current, and voltage requirements of your equipment and accordingly decide your requirements.

Fuel Efficiency

It will be your regular investment concerning the operation of the generator. Hence, understanding the efficiency and output associated with your generator is essential. You can decide based on the information given in the brochure. One of the best points of generators with good fuel efficiency is the generation of more output with fewer emissions.

Regulatory Compliance

The generator must be compliant with the noise and emission standards. The inability to do so can lead to hefty fines and legal issues.

Enclosure Type

It is the prime controlling factor of the noise generated by the generator. Based on the location or industry of use, the recommended levels will vary. Make sure to be aware of your needs.

Size and Transportation

Size is necessary to fit in your already present or constructed area designated for keeping the generators. Transportation of the generator impacts its cost and, hence, ensures you get the right balance for your needs without compromising any other factor.

Maintenance Requirements

Since you will be owning the device, you should be properly aware of the maintenance. It includes the complete cost and the required frequency for maintenance. It should also include information about daily or regular maintenance procedures.

Note: We have a variety of Cummins generators for sale including 500kW Cummins generators for sale. We can also assist in evaluating your power and other generator-associated needs. Get in touch with us now for assistance.

Why Buy New Cummins Generator For Sale From Central States Diesel Generators?

The New Cummins generator for sale is available at Central States Diesel Generators. The company is run by Patrick Paden, who holds more than 30 years of experience in dealing with generators and associated machinery. Capable of recommending the best-suited generator based on your settings and needs, he is also open to any other assistance as required. Offering the latest products in the industry, both on sale and on-demand, the company has been a reliable provider for clients since late 2016. Focussed on customer satisfaction, find the original brand-based diesel generators here.

Common Questions About New Cummins Generator

Q1. How can I connect for the urgent requirement of a generator?

We are open to connecting and fulfilling the needs through any of the three approaches: 414-630-0833, (M) 847-997-8090, or

Q2. Does CS Diesel deal with any other company except Cummins?

Yes, we provide generators from numerous top brands like Caterpillar, HiPower, Kohler, Blue Star, John Deere, and others.

Q3. Do you offer products other than generators?

Yes, at CS Diesel, find generator sets, automatic transfer switches, diesel and natural gas engines, and generator parts and accessories. For any specific demand that is not listed here, we recommend calling or connecting with us for quick and satisfactory service.