The sight of a Cummins diesel generator mounted on a platform instills confidence in a business, and the Cummins label increases it manifold. Since its inception more than a hundred years ago, the brand has been synonymous with high-performance diesel generators machines. In different generator brands, Cummins is one of the popular brands when it comes to manufacturing and good design of multifarious power systems, industrial engines, and generator sets. At CSDG, you will find different kinds of Cummins manufactured generators. One such top rated is a Cummins qsk60 generator.

Within the innards of a silently humming Cummins diesel generator lies a harmonious operation of the finest components. Designed to offer best-in-class rated capacity, optimized voltage system configuration and frequency, a new or used Cummins diesel generator suits various modes of operation. The lesser downtime and improved overload capacity help businesses to function smoothly with uninterrupted power.
At Central States Diesel Generators, the emphasis has been on offering the most diverse range of products that meet all requirements of clients. Towards achievement of this objective, we manage an envious inventory of used Cummins diesel generators. Available in configurations for output from 10 KW to 2200 KW, Cummins offers generators for sale that are fully compliant with EPA requirements.

Cummins offers powerful solutions across the board for diverse applications such as residential, commercial and mobile requirements. At Central States Diesel Generators (CSDG), the technical team methodically assists clients in determining the right configuration of a used Cummins diesel generator that is required to supply power in either prime, continuous or standby mode. For all power generation requirements, rely on CSDG, a combination of one of the best retail experts with one of the leading generator manufacturers.

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