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Standby Generator – Hotel Requirement That is Absolutely Essential

Here at Central States Diesel Generators over the last 30 years, it has become deeply apparent that major businesses and industries cannot run without a backup power system, especially in the present-day scenario, where convenience precedes almost every other aspect of life.

If you have been thinking about having standby generators for your hotel, we are here to tell you that you are on the right path! After all, every guest expects an uninterrupted power supply and air conditioning during their stay! Having a natural gas generator or a diesel fuel generator can help you do just that!

Coping with Unprecedented Times

The times that we are living in have proven that the unexplained, and the unexpected can happen in great waves. When it comes to service industries like hotels, this is definitely not a good time to be caught in a wave of uncertainty. Where your energy source or power runs out, so goes your business. Without power electronic systems including your fire alarms, lifts, and automatic doors simply won’t work. However, it doesn’t at all have to be that way when power outages do occur.


Commercial Generator Hotel (Washington DC)

That’s why we have such a passion to serve the hotel industry, with emergency or backup diesel generators. This ensures that when the first line of hotel power goes down you have a solid, and robust diesel generator. To keep your hotel running in the event of burnout or a power outage. When was the last time you considered a hotel generator?

Commercial Generators of all sizes

We carry such a variety of different sizes, models, and makes. It can be an overwhelming process to consider a wide varietyof options. So, we are more than glad to help you pick out the best options for your hotel generator. We will help you to make an informed and educated decision.

If you are wanting to jump into the process immediately, we understand and we are here.

In order for us to get started on the fast track, we need some pertinent details. What we will need from you are the types of equipment found in each room, and electrical equipment used in common areas. You will also need to let us know about the high consumption usage areas like kitchens, saunas, pool,s and gyms. Of course, we will definitely need to know the number of rooms in your hotel, and if there’s any other electrical equipment that you can think of.


Purchasing a 500 kW Generator Hotel

All of this information helps us to identify the very best diesel generator for your hotel. Trust me, our clients are much more thrilled and satisfied when we can nail down the absolute best backup power generator.

Why do you need a commercial backup generators for your hotel guests and employees?

The overarching reason is definitely reason enough. Keeping your hotel running in the event of a natural disaster, power outage, or citywide rolling blackouts is very important. Having a diesel generator can keep your hotel lights, and other electricals including air conditioning, functioning as if nothing is going on – thereby saving you enormous amounts of money, customers and reputation. Besides, having this backup for power loss ensures that you don’t have to issue free cancellation for unhappy guests.

Hence, it can be said without a doubt that having a diesel generator is one of the best and wisest investments you can make for your hotel.

Why Diesel Generator (Hotel) is a Great Investment?

Fuel Efficient

Diesel generators that run on fuel are known to have a much longer lifespan, than any other options because they run at lower temperatures. This makes them ideal for a standby power supply when hotels and resorts lose power. Deisel fuel generators can almost instantaneously replace the lost power supply at a minimal cost, which is precisely why most hotels invest in these.

Wider Brand Selection

With us, you have the option of choosing from a wide variety of brands and configurations. You are not locked into limited choices for a backup power system that can very well become the backbone of your hotel’s success!


The line of diesel and natural gas generators we have available comes to you lower than the initial cost – sometimes up to 75% off depending on the stock that is available. Now if that’s not a great way to save money, we don’t know what is!

Safety Quotient

Diesel generators are a lot safer than traditional generators which run on gas. Gasoline is quite flammable, whereas diesel fuel is less flammable. That being said, we recommend having fire pumps in place just in case you need to deal with any emergency situations.

Our Take

For what they are worth, the backup power systems will not only ensure that your hotel room is loved by the residents and gets great guest reviews, you can also rest assured of guests safety in emergency situations. All you need to do is pick the right generator, and practice the recommended safety measures!

If you are ready to fortify your hotel business, and never, EVER have to worry about a maintaining power supply, reach out to us today. We would love to be of service.