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It is Critical for Medical Facilities to have Backup Hospital Generators

Backup generators are essential in hospitals and medical facilities the medical field is made up of hospitals, doctors offices, urgent care centers, birthing centers, outpatient surgical centers, nursing homes, skilled nursing homes, cancer centers, blood banks, clinics, diabetes centers, dialysis centers, hospice homes, imaging centers, addiction treatment center, and mental health centers. Medical facilities are considered a critical industry when it comes to generator needs.


All medical facilities depend on a wide range of devices, tools, and electrical equipment to care for their patients, there is not a medical facility that can go without electricity. It’s extremely hard for a surgeon to perform a C-Section or do emergency open-heart surgery in the dark.

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Just as it is for an emergency room staff to save the life of a patient who was involved in a horrible accident and needs a defibrillator to get their heart beating again.

You must also think of the children in the pediatric intensive care unit and the adults in the intensive care unit, and the premature babies that weigh a pound and depend on ventilators to breath for them until they can breathe for themselves for the first time or again. Doctors and nurses can not care for patients nor can they save lives in the dark generators are an essential part of running any medical facility. Simply put a medical facility cannot go without electricity under any circumstances, a hospital generator is a must-have!

Safety protocols

All medical facilities have very strict rules and regulations that must be followed for the safety of the patients and the staff (I don’t know any nurses looking to fall down an elevator shaft stepping on to any older style elevator in the dark.) This includes providing power systems that are reliable and durable, even in times of power outage. I’m also pretty sure mental health centers do not want a power outage, when the power goes out the locked doors that keep the patients inside and safe are no longer locked, The same is true for many nursing homes elderly and even sick elderly patients do not need to be out for a walk in the dark, cold snowy or even icy weather.

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Every state demands that all medical facilities have a backup generator in order to provide backup power and provide an emergency power system. The fines for not having one could put some doctors offices out of business, The state also dictates the amount of hours and how many generators the facility or hospital must have, and they do check at least a few times a year. Aside from that, medical facilities and a hospital generator is the most tightly regulated of all generators sold. This is because generators are a fire hazard and must be compliant with standards set by the National Fire Protection Association NFPA.

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Full Range of Services

If anything should go wrong with your generator even the smallest of things they will repair it, they are also well connected to generator installers who are bonded, insured, trained and certified and have several years of experience to install your generators, they move quickly to get them installed. You also have the option of having your generators shipped directly to your facility when the purchase transaction is completed.

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Frequently Asked Questions by Hospital Authorities

What are the best emergency generators for medical facilities?

Health care facilities need to have an excellent standby power supply to keep patients and staff safe if a failure occurs. The best emergency generators for health care settings are natural gas generators, which are quite to start-up and have relatively low running costs.

How long can a hospital run on generator power?

Hospitals are required to keep enough backup fuel on-site to run the facility for 96 hours (3 days). This is considered to be enough to get the main power supply, which powers the essential electrical system of the ambulatory surgery centers, life support, and more, up and running again.