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Construction Generator – What Your Construction Site Needs

There are various construction generators in the market to choose from. The choice heavily depends on the type of construction work being undertaken. For example, road construction and large building construction will require different generators from smaller construction works.

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What is the Importance of a Generator at a Construction Site?

It provides motive power to various construction types of machinery such as hand drill, chain saw, and air compressors.

It acts as a source of electricity. Most construction work is done at night and remote areas with no electric power, thus, requiring lighting.

Besides, there are several administrative works done through computers, phones, and laptops requiring electricity.

The construction company’s temporary housing to the site workers requires electricity for lighting, heating, cooling, air conditioning, refrigerators, and kitchen appliances.

What Type Of Generator Used At A Construction Site?

The type of commercial generator used at a construction site is usually a portable one. This is to allow the ease of transferability to different constructions sites as the need arises. Portable generators provide the necessary power required by the construction machinery.

Four Types of Construction Generators

High Powered Generators

They are a type of construction generator that provides large quantities of power necessary to large power machinery. These machines are commonly used in large construction sites. A large construction site can be a huge commercial building or roads. For instance, high powered generators powers earth movers, material handling machinery, concrete machinery, and road-building equipment, all of which require a large amount of power of about 200kW to 2500kW to operate, so will require a large fuel tank.

Medium Powered Generator

What are medium powered generators? They are a type of construction generators that produce power in the range of 5Kw to 200kW. They are more suitable for smaller construction work such as repair work, small road construction, single houses, and low rise apartments. These medium construction sites use electric equipment such as circular saws, concrete mixtures, and compressors. At Central States Diesel Generators, we will provide you with the medium-powered generator suitable for your small construction activities.

Standby Generators

What are standby generators? Just as the name suggests, they are generators used at construction sites as sources of power if the primary generator fails. They are always on standby, ready to use when the need arises. These generators are essential in ensuring that the construction work does not stop due to the main generator’s failure.

Portable Generators

Portable generators are those that can be carried from one site to another. Their portability ensures that all construction sites have the power necessary to run smooth operations. Without them, it would be challenging to draw power from a centralized location to power various plants in different areas. Despite whether you are operating a large or medium-sized construction, a portable generator should always be there and ready for use.

Three Distinct Characteristics of a portable generator for construction job sites

Generators for construction must have the ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions at various construction sites

They use a different type of fuel such as diesel, petrol, and gas, among others; thus, making it easier to find the one best suits your work and availability.

They can provide a single-phase or a three-phase power output with an output voltage of 120 to 480 voltages.

Construction work requires a reliable source of power for the job site to power tools and other large machinery. Suppose you are searching for a place to find a reliable and cost-friendly portable generator for construction visit us at Central States Diesel Generators. We deal with high-quality commercial generators that will save you up to 70% over buying a new one. If you would like more information about construction generators? Visit our website inventory to find the best portable generator today.

Frequently asked questions by business owners

What is the best portable generator for a construction site?

A dual fuel portable generator is an excellent option for a construction site as these generators offer high power and are very efficient. A gas-powered portable generator may also be a fantastic option as the cost of this fuel type is less, making them ideal for tight budgets.

What is a twist-lock outlet?

A twist lock outlet is an outlet that requires a plug to be twisted into it, so that it can be connected and stay in place. These are often used in generators because the twist lock outlet prevents the plug from being pulled out, increasing security.

How many running watts should a construction site generator have?

Construction site generators will require no less than 7500 running watts, however, it is always best to buy a generator that produces more power than this for your construction site. These generators will be powerful enough to drive industrial machines and power tools.