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Why a Standby Data Center Generator is Critical

Every data center runs on one critical, common factor none of them can do without: electricity. Without a power source, data doesn’t get crunched, stored, modified or queried. And the equipment itself won’t run nor is it kept cool because there is no functioning air conditioning, also dependent on electricity as well. So, while data centers can be amazing tools for information management and corporate infrastructure, their Achilles’ Heel is their very simple connection to an electrical power source.

The reliable service so many companies enjoy from their local power grid oftentimes makes us forget how easy it is to lose that connection when something goes wrong. But brownouts and blackouts happen, and usually at the worst possible time when people and businesses need power the most. This is why a data center backup power source is an absolutely essential resource in the design and make up of a functional data center’s redundancy plan for disasters or breakdowns.

Data Center Equipment Needs Met

Your company can’t reliably plan when the next power cutoff will be or for how long. However, you can plan for the contingency of what to do when it occurs by having the right data equipment on hand. Remember, your data center is the data product brains of your company. Without it, your organization can collect, digest or work from the data that you’ve built over the years. So, it’s essential to have a fault-tolerant system that can handle power cutoffs and still keep going. This is where a data center generator is a must. As soon as the regular power supply cuts off, your generator back up kicks on, and your data center continues to run. Especially with today’s needs to maintain cloud platforms, multiple nodes across the digital environment, numerous databases that need to be accessed by the minute, extended downtime is not something your business can afford anymore.

There is Plenty of Selection Available

Data center generators don’t have to be a big production either for your operational budget. Used generators are just as dependable, work reliably, and put out the power support you need to maintain center operations uninterrupted. With a full installation approach, a generator installation can be synced with your current data system and calibrated for an immediate kick-on and function as soon as the local power grid starts to have hiccups or cuts off. This saves your valuable data equipment from sudden power loss hard stops and saves your data from corruption as well.

All units are fully tested and certified for working order, which means you’re receiving a generator that is fully ready to be put in use again without the baggage of a brand new unit price tag that is essential markup for the same working unit type. In addition, our support plan and maintenance can keep your system running without issue for a long-life and expectation of utility.

Bring in a Generator Installation at the Right Time

If you’re planning a new data center or getting ready to renovate a current one with better redundancy and power support, that’s the time to bring us in for a data center back power approach. We can match your center with a data center backup generator that matches both your current needs as well as expected growth so that you’re not pinched in a few years’ time with additional demand and power needs. Don’t wait for the next blackout to figure out how to protect your data center. Have the redundancy built in from the start so you pull ahead while everyone else is trying to recover.