Whether you are looking for new or used generators, you will find types that run on diesel or natural gas. Second-hand diesel generators and natural gas generators for sale are helping you to save money. Units are readily available from suppliers and providers like Central States Diesel Generators. Also, the prices are significantly lower compared to a brand new natural gas or diesel generator. But which one is best for you? CSDG Comparing Diesel Generators with Natural Gas Generators:

Diesel generators

When you buy a diesel generator, you could be saving money in the long run, with the assurance of a versatile power source and safety in the workplace. This type of generator is typically preferred by manufacturing industries and businesses involved in construction, farming, engineering, and mining due to its ruggedness, reliability, and durability. Reputable providers of used diesel generators take time to conduct a load bank test and verify the condition of the units before putting them up for sale.

Diesel are more expensive than petrol or natural gas, but the costs seesaw by the longer running times and the low maintenance. Apart from that, a diesel generator can provide a steady source of power to large establishments. Some used diesel generators for sale are designed to be quieter than their older versions. Diesel generators come in portable versions, too. Used portable diesel generators for sale are practical for applications away from power grids or on the field.

Comparing Diesel Generators with Natural Gas Generators

Natural gas generators

Natural gas is clean and cheap energy, and it is surprisingly efficient. The fuel is readily available, too, but it comes through a tank. Generators that run on natural gas have a minimal carbon footprint and can help reduce energy costs. They do not produce a pungent odor, too, which is common in other fuels like petrol and diesel. Just be careful when handling the tanks and pipelines for these natural gas generators because any leaks can cause explosions.

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FAQ about Diesel v/s Natural Gas Generator

1. Which type of generator is more environmentally friendly?

Natural gas generators are generally considered more environmentally friendly due to lower emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases compared to diesel generators.

2. Are there differences in the noise levels between diesel and natural gas generators?

Diesel generators tend to be louder than natural gas generators, making the latter a more suitable option in noise-sensitive environments.

3. Which type of generator is better for short-term emergency use?

For short-term or emergency use, diesel generators are often preferred due to their quick start-up time and independence from external fuel supply lines.

4. Can the fuel source of a generator be switched between diesel and natural gas?

Some generators are designed to be dual-fuel, allowing them to switch between diesel and natural gas, offering flexibility in fuel use based on availability and cost.

5. In terms of installation, are there significant differences between diesel and natural gas generators?

Natural gas generators often require a more complex installation due to the need for a connection to a natural gas supply line, whereas diesel generators are more flexible in placement as they only require fuel storage.