You will find yourself choosing between gasoline or diesel power generator if you’re looking forward to keeping the power of your premises on during a power outage. There are other fuel options available too, like natural gas, or even solar power, but for the average homeowner, gasoline or diesel will do the trick when you need backup power.


Meanwhile, when you’re buying used industrial generators for sale, keep in mind the following discussion to make a wise and conscious decision.

So, in this article lets walk through the difference between gasoline and diesel-powered generators.

All about Gasoline Generators

Engines operating on gasoline will mix the fuel and air together in your carburetor before compression. Though gasoline is typically a more easily attainable fuel source, it is less fuel-efficient than diesel. On the plus side, gasoline does increase the portability of your generator. This means you can take it from your home to the construction site, and out to your camping spot for a weekend getaway. A generator running on gasoline requires lesser maintenance and is typically more affordable in comparison to a diesel generator. At the same time, gasoline is flammable and offers a much shorter shelf life than other fuel types.

Gasoline generators are ideal for small jobs, and since these systems operate much more quietly than diesel-powered systems. You can use them in a close-quarter environment without much distraction, like at your local farmer’s market.

All about Diesel Generators

Diesel is the least flammable fuel option, and in times of emergency or disaster, more easily controllable fuel than gasoline. The mechanism of the diesel generator works by igniting the fuel through the method of compression. The fuel, i.e. diesel and air are introduced to the engine independently. And there is air compression which results in your engine running more efficiently using less fuel.

Years ago, diesel generators were known for being noisy. However, with recent technological innovations, many diesel generators are now quiet enough to run without disturbance. For those needing extra power for heavy-duty tasks, invest in a diesel workhorse. Their engines are designed to work under a load for longer periods of time and actually perform better when worked harder versus light-load operation. You can contact a certified dealer like us if you are wanting to buy used diesel generators for sale without burning a hole through your pocket.

And now with the advent of bi-fuel, generators give you the option of multiple fuel types on a single generator. Also called dual fuel generators, these are a great solution when fuel availability issues arise in times of crisis. It will ensure you have an emergency backup power source at all times. Typical configurations give you the best of both propane generators and gas generators and allow for easy switching between the two. This dual fuel generator capability gives users two options: clean-burning benefits of propane or a mobile freestanding generator for more routine applications with gasoline.


Ensure Zero Downtime

If you want unbeatable performance and a long life for your generator, periodic maintenance is the key.

Follow these five easy tips to keep your generator in tip-top condition:

  1. The best preventative medicine for your generator is following your operator’s manual details regarding normal periodic generator maintenance.
  2. If your generator operates in warm or dusty conditions, perform maintenance operations more often.
  3. Remember to keep a log of the maintenance you perform and the hours the generator is running.  This helps optimize the lifecycle and provide a basis for supporting warranty claims.
  4. For maintenance, repair or replacement of emission control devices and systems, you must choose the best generator repair professionals.
  5. No matter what work you need to be done, always contact a certified dealer or certified technician for advice.

No matter which fuel generator you choose, remember to follow a scheduled maintenance plan to have your machine up and running at all times. Don’t let an outage spoil your business profits ever.

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