Generac Power generators can be the lifeline for you in case of power outages, which is a common phenomenon during harsh winters. It is at this time that we realize just how important this power backup equipment is.

While there are several options available in the market, the one brand that has stood the test of time and has continued to be a leader in providing the best-quality power generators is Generac. Its alternate power sources are manufactured to last with the best-in-class performance, durability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. No wonder Generac generators have made a name for themselves as one of the most trusted generator brands.

“As per the latest report, Generac commercial generators have a market share of 70%.” ??

However, despite their durable nature and the ability to perform in the most challenging weather conditions, these are machines that are bound to be dysfunctional at some point in their life cycle.

Even though machines are built to perform, there could be several reasons that might amount to them conking off and you must ensure that you the right preventive measures so that they continue performing to the best of their ability.

The best to avoid a situation where a generator doesn’t start easily is to keep using it often. This allows its machine parts to continue functioning without any hassle.

Any machine, when left without being used is bound to wear and tear, and Generac generators are no exception. In case, your Generac generator doesn’t start, here are a few things you can do to make sure it is back and running in its best condition.

?️ The oil level has gone low

low oil pressure

Oil is one of the most essential components of maintaining the health of any engine, and generator engines are no exception. If the oil level in your generator goes below the recommended level, the generator will face difficulty starting. You must refill the oil to keep the generator running.

You can also check if the oil needs to be changed. Changing the oil periodically will ensure that there are no snags in the future. You must also check how your generator is placed. If positioned on an uneven surface, the low oil sensor might not provide the correct reading. Ensure that it is mounted on an even surface.

⛽ The fuel tank is empty

This is a common possibility, especially when it comes to power generators. Alternate power sources like generators are used daily only at select places.

In most cases, generators are used only when there is a power outage, which happens once in a while. So, the chances of a generator running out of fuel are quite high. Check the fuel level and refill the fuel tank as required.

? The choke is not working properly


The Choke is yet again an important component in the starting function of an engine. It should be in the closed position when the engine is being started and should be turned on only once the engine warms up. These choke levers are positioned differently in different generators depending on their make and model.

Usually, the choke lever is placed right above the air filter on the side of the generator. In some other generators, it is built in right into the power control knob. Irrespective of where it is placed, it should be off when you start the generator.

The fuel valve is closed or clogged

Even when the fuel tank is full and still the generator doesn’t start, there could be an issue with the fuel valve. If the valve is closed or clogged, the fuel will not reach the carburetor and the engine will not start.

Ensure that the fuel valve is open when you start the generator. If in case the fuel valve is clogged, there are two things you can do. If there is a vacuum relief valve in your generator, ensure it has been opened.

Secondly, unplug the outlet hose from the intake side. Check if any of these lines are clogged, and clean them up so that the fuel can reach the carburetor.

The carburetor is clogged

Fixing a machine is almost like a cyclic process. You address one issue at a time till you reach the root of the issue. Once you have ensured that the fuel tank is not clogged, and still your generator won’t start, check the carburetor. If you have not used your generator for a long time without draining the carburetor, the chances are that it will get clogged.

To fix it, you must first shut off the fuel valve and then clean the carburetor and the carburetor drain. To avoid clogging the carburetor, you must run your generator at least once every month, and use a carburetor cleaner regularly. This will ensure the better health of your machine.

Generac Generator repair

⚡The spark plug needs repair/replacement

Over time, a lot of carbon deposits occur on the spark plug that might result in it not performing well. Any issue in the spark plug means the engine will not start. Clean it using a small knife to scrape off the deposits. Once the cleaning is done, you can check the spark plug by removing the recoil starter and holding the spark plug close to the crankcase of the engine. You can also do so using a spark plug tester If the sparks look strong and blue in color, you are good to go.

You must also have a quick look at the spark plug wire and ensure that it is in good position.

If the sparks are not strong enough, you must check the ignition coil. This can be done using a ignition coil tester. Sometimes, the problem could be with the ignition coil which might require replacement.

?You have a dead battery

The battery is notorious to drain over a period of time if the machine is not used. So, you must check the status of the battery if your generator doesn’t start. If the battery is old, you might need to replace it. Sometimes jump-starting the battery can solve the issue. In this case, you must ensure that you use your generator periodically, or else the battery will drain again.

?Empty fuel tank

This is one of the most obvious things to happen, especially in generators that haven’t been used for a long time. It is best to periodically keep checking if the tank has enough fuel at all times. If possible, avoid emptying your fuel tank as it can damage your engine. Then again, you must ensure that the fuel line is clean at all times and that the oil level is optimal.

Yet another aspect that you must take care of is to avoid storing the generator with stale gasoline. Always making use of fresh gasoline is a sure shot way of enjoying a seamlessly working generator.

? The generator is plugged in

Your generator should always be disconnected with cords and wires when you are trying to start it. If it is plugged into an electronic item, the generator might not start even if the electronic device is not switched on. Unplug all the cords and try to start it.

? Clean the air filter

The air filter provides the right amount of air to the carburetor during the ignition process. If the air filter is choked, it will not let the air pass through, disturbing the ignition process. Clean the air filters, and if required, replace them.

Our Take

Every machine needs periodic functioning to run in a good condition. Any machine that is not used for a prolonged period of time will start to wear and tear and not perform to the best of its capability.

Generators are mostly used sporadically and thus they are more prone to such wear and tear. It is a good practice to turn it on once every month so that you don’t face any issues during an emergency situation. It will not only prolong the generator’s life but will also save you spending on costly repairs and replacements.

But, if your Generac Generator does give you trouble in starting, try the above-mentioned methods to ensure it is up and running.

If it still doesn’t, of course, you have the CS Diesel team to help you out with the maintenance of your equipment. Regardless of when you bought the generator, our team of trained technicians is always up and ready to help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions about Generac Generator

Why would a Generac generator conk off?

Although Generac generators are known for their superior quality, they are still machines and wear and tear happens, which could be the reason for their malfunctioning. If you want to keep your Generac generator running at all times, keep them well-maintained. You must use them regularly so for longer-lasting performance as any machine when left idle, malfunctions more often.

What are the main reasons for a Generac generator not starting?

There could be multiple reasons for a Generac generator not starting. These reasons range from a decrease in the oil level, an empty fuel tank, choke malfunctioning, a closed or clogged fuel valve, a clogged carburettor, a spark plug not working properly, a dead battery, and unclean air filters. If the generator is not maintained properly, then it is bound to not start when required.

What should I do if the Generac generator doesn’t start?

If your Generac generator doesn’t start, then you can start with the following steps. Check the oil level, check if there is enough fuel in the tank, see if the air filters are clean enough, check the spark plug and choke, unclog the fuel valves, recharge the battery and unclog the carburettor. Even if the generator doesn’t start after following these steps, you must ask for professional help.