If your company is in a hurricane-prone area, you need to take several steps to ensure that you can maintain your facilities and get back into operation as soon as possible. This goes far beyond closing your windows, locking the doors, and suspending operations until the storm passes. You also need to make sure that you keep the power on.

What Makes Backup Power so Important?

While almost no one would suggest staying open while a hurricane is overhead, the effects of such storms last far longer than the storms themselves. Many power lines are knocked down, or if they’re underground, become flooded. This problem is compounded by an abundance of downed trees, many of which must be cleared before the power company can even start restoring its poles and lines. Because of these things, it can take days – and sometimes, two weeks or more – before power is restored.

That much downtime is bad for business for many reasons. If the company has anything that needs temperature control, continuous stirring, or any other ongoing electricity-dependent factor, its inventory can be destroyed before the power comes back on. A continuous power supply is also needed for any operations involving computers. Of course, the company also cannot produce any new products when the power is off.

Get a diesel generator to keep your power on and protect your computers. Running a diesel portable generator also lets you get back to business before the grid power returns.

Why Does Your Company Need a Diesel Generator?

Often, companies don’t have a diesel generator because they are concerned about the cost of this equipment. While new industrial generators for sale can indeed require a substantial investment, it is possible to get one for far less money. Look for used diesel generators if the cost is the only thing holding you back.

Power Outages

If you have held off on looking for a diesel generator for sale for other reasons, it may be that you wonder whether or not it’s worth it to get one. Assuming you’re in a state where hurricane preparation is needed, it’ll surely be a good use of your corporate funds. Depending on the size of your business, a single day offline can cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. Since hurricane-prone areas tend to get a big storm every year or two, it won’t take long for the generator to pay for itself.

You may wonder why it’s a good idea to get a diesel generator instead of one that hooks into your gas line or that runs on regular gasoline. The big answer to the first question is that storms can interrupt the supply of natural gas. For the question of diesel over gasoline, the main answer is one of efficiency. A diesel motor can run longer on the same amount of fuel. Other benefits of diesel fuel include it being the last to sell out at gas stations due to lower demand and it having a longer storage life.

The next time a hurricane comes to your town, don’t just duck and hope for the best. Be prepared. Be sure that preparation includes a generator so that your company isn’t shut down for days on end.

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