What is a Diesel Generator?

Diesel generators are the type of standby generators which are used to produce electrical energy by the help of the combination of working of diesel energy and electric generator continuously. The primary fuel source needed to run a diesel standby generator is liquid fuels.

If the requirement of a standby generator is to run continuously for an extended periods, then diesel generator is considered to be the best option to invest in. This is because these diesel generator are available with huge long range tanks.

This gives the solution to the questions regarding how long can you run a generator continuously. The fuel tank of diesel generator is large which makes them run for a longer period of time during the extended power outages.

There are other types of generators which do not use liquid fuel tank. These generators are called gas generators. A gasoline portable generator can be used if you want an efficient way of running generator. The natural gas generators are different from diesel generators as they are more affordable and efficient. The portable gas powered generators can be used as a standby generator in various small places or even for personal usage.

“As of 2020, diesel generators accounted for approximately 21.3 gigawatts (GW) of installed capacity in the United States.”

(Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration)

How long can you run a portable generator continuously?

A diesel standby generator be it portable or heavy, can run as much as you want it to. They are mostly used in the areas where there is continuous power outage. A portable generator runs in the places which are small like for personal use and small industries.

The portable generators are helpful in generating electricity where there is continuous power outage. From emergency power to running at a job site, diesel portable generators are extremely vital in order to produce electricity.

To have a non stop power generation even when the electricity is cut, there is a need for standby generators. Especially in the places like hospitals, grocery shops, and gas stations we need a standby generator to backup power supply during prolonged power outages. The portable generators can run for a long period of time as they have a huge fuel tank fitted inside the generator.


Although a standby generator is like any other engine, so it cannot continuously run for a very long time. Every machinery needs rest so it is suggested to run a generator for only a few hours. The people living in areas where power cuts are extremely common, should consider having portable standby generators for their personal use or for small industries.

A portable generator can help an industry to work with the electrical appliances without the worry of power cuts. The usage of diesel standby generators are considered to be perfect for the places which are not backed up by a power grid.

The life expectancy of a standby generator is an important factor to be considered while we invest in the backup power system. For observing how long can you run a generator, you need to know the factors with the help of which a standby generator run.

Factors involved to run your generator continuously

There are multiple factors which are involved which can make portable generators run efficiently. This majorly covers how much power is involved, what engine oil is used, what is the fuel source, whether it is a gas generator or a diesel generator, how many efficient motors are used, it it a single fuel tank or not, how is the generator’s engine, and many more.

The portable generator along with its limiting factor is the fuel tank’s size. The size of the tank is smaller for portable generators which will make it less efficient to run.

The quality of the generator you have invested in plays a vital role in determining the time period of its working. If you invest in a good branded generator, then it will be more efficient and good at operating.

Maintaining the generator on a regular basis is also essential while expecting a greater life span of a generator. A generator run efficiently if it is well- maintained, be it a natural gas generator or diesel generator.

At last it can be concluded that a diesel generator have a great life span and can run continuously if the above provided factors are taken care of. Understanding the working of your generator can help you increase its life expectancy.