Whether it is to generate electricity for a home’s electrical system or for an industrial unit, natural gas generators have emerged as a popular option. When you are looking for a natural gas generator, there can be any number of reasons behind this decision. If you decide to get such as generator, you may be looking for either a standby generator as a power backup for utility electricity or a continuous power generator that caters to areas without existing utility lines.

As the name suggests, a gas-powered generator burns natural gas to generate power and deliver continuous electricity during power outages. As natural gas prices are lower than gasoline generators and they are also eco-friendly, their popularity is rising quickly. Fuel costs for gas-powered generators are based on the quantities of consumed natural gas.

There are many factors that must be considered before you invest in natural gas generators. One of the most important factors is the natural gas generator price. Before you undertake any expenses related to installing a natural gas line, power lines, or concrete pad, it is vital to ascertain the total cost of these portable units. Read on to learn about the costs of getting such a gas generator.

Cost of a Natural Gas Generator

There are many factors that must be taken into consideration to arrive at the cost of a natural gas generator. How much such a generator cost would be in total, depends on a number of factors that have been detailed here: –

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Price of the generator

Standby generators have become a necessity in modern times. While there are many other factors that add to the total cost of the gas generator, the most important aspect is the price charged by the vendor. There are many aspects that will affect the money the vendor will charge you for a whole-house generator. Some of the key aspects are,

Power required

You will need to know the exact power backup you require from your whole house generator. Based on family size, house area, and a number of appliances, this cost will vary slightly. Hence, you need to factor in all these aspects to determine your power requirements and then determine the best natural gas generator for you.


Different vendors offer different maintenance packages for various whole-house generators. This cost will be added to the offer from the vendor itself. So, you need to select a suitable warranty package for your natural gas generator that will take care of all your requirements.


In some cases, the vendor can be in a city that is away from your destination. In such cases, you can be looking at a high transportation cost for your whole house generator. It is vital that you add this expense to the total cost to arrive at a realistic estimate.


This goes without saying. When you select a natural gas generator from an established brand, then you will have to pay a slightly higher price. On the other hand, if you select a refurbished product from a lesser-known brand, you will need to spend slightly lesser for your whole-house generator.

Gas generator fuel consumption

Whole house generators burn natural gas to deliver backup power. Hence, you need to factor in how much fuel a natural gas generator consumes. When it comes to home natural gas generator costs, fuel consumption has an extremely important role. To determine this cost accurately you need to install a gas meter first. This will help you use the generator gas consumption tables and the suitable generator running cost formula to accurately determine the home generator costs. How much natural gas costs, i.e. national average cost, at any given point in time will also decide the running fuel usage cost. How much natural gas these portable generators consume also depend on maximum running wattage and maximum output wattage. Moreover, to understand how much a gas generator consume every hour, you will also need to factor in the gas generator power.

Generator maintenance costs

You must note that without maintenance, a whole-house generator burns natural gas at almost twice the running cost to deliver backup power during a power outage. This could result in increased fuel costs whenever you use a home standby generator. The same generator would not consume more natural gas if you undertake regular maintenance. Based on the generator running load, every portable generator requires regular maintenance. Generator maintenance costs will also depend on the power outage frequency as it would mean that the generator runs for longer periods and there is more wear and tear.

Backup generator installation costs

Merely buying a gas generator is not enough, there are many other house generator costs that you will have to incur. This includes a cold weather kit, electric meter, manual transfer switch or automatic transfer switch, electrical panel, sump pumps, concrete pad, and other generator installation costs. When you factor in all these aspects, the total generator cost will increase slightly. Hence, you must take into consideration the installation costs apart from the gas consumed to analyze the total expenses you would have to incur for operating this system.

Standby generators have emerged as excellent power backup options for a large number of homeowners. Whether you are looking only for a temporary source of power or want to power your off-grid living, selecting a natural gas generator can be an appropriate choice. This will offer you considerable peace of mind and you will be able to enjoy all the appliances without any worry. But it is important that you select a generator brand that is known for its high quality products. Hence, you will be able to enjoy better performance, low gas consumption, and reduced maintenance costs. A whole house generator indeed is the solution to all your needs for power, whether you have a small unit or a large house.

Some Frequently Asked Questions Buying a Natural Gas Generator

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Natural Gas Generator?

The cost of fueling a natural gas generator depends on the power consumption, fuel capacity of the generator, and natural gas prices. 

What Are The Different Types Of Natural Gas Generators?

There are two different types of natural gas generators – the standby generator and the portable generator. The standby generator is permanently installed and automatically turns on during a power outage. The portable generator is manually operated and can be moved around from one place to another. 

Are Natural Gas Generators Quieter Than Gasoline Generators? 

Besides being a cleaner alternative to gasoline and diesel generators, natural gas generators are also the quieter alternative. 

Can I Store Natural Gas For My Generator? 

No, natural gas has to be piped in and cannot be stored on-site like gasoline.