Merits and demerits of fuel options of generator equipment:

#1 Gasoline-powered generator units:


It is simple to find such generator units because of the nearby local gas stations.

Some of the gasoline gen-sets give immense energy just with the tank filled with fuel to half.


This type of fuel is highly combustible that eventually makes it sturdy and unsafe for locating in large amounts.

The costing of generator equipment also differs to a large extent.

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#2 Diesel fuel-powered generator units:


-It is very simple to upkeep diesel generator equipment because it is manufactured as per the massive requirement at the time of power cuts.

-Diesel is the best option for energy requirements that need immense power. It also makes the best fuel for creating electricity most effectively.

-It is also the most reliable source of fuel to consider your needs.

-Diesel engines also perform best even with the subpar or dirty fuel.


-It often makes high noise while operating.

-Diesel gen-set involves more of the carbon impression, and it generates emission that impacts the quality of air.

-The price of diesel is comparatively higher than other gen sets.

-It needs additional storage tank or fuel stabilizers, for stocking extra fuel in it.

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#3 Natural gas-powered generator unit:


-The different house includes natural gas lines that run to a tank close to their home.

-It can also operate if the power goes out.

-It costs less price in comparison to other generator equipment.


-It is not obtainable easily in specific locations.

-Natural gas gen-sets does not provide higher overall efficiency.

-Including the natural gas line will also involve extra charges for your generator unit.

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Closing Thoughts:

So, factors, as mentioned above, for different fuel options, are essential to consider while purchasing the best in class generator unit for your needs. If you are looking forward to buying a diesel standby generator, then feel free to contact us, and we will assist you further in selecting the right generator unit as per your requirement and budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Fuel Alternatives for Your Generator

Are there environmental concerns with diesel-fueled gen sets?

Diesel gen sets produce emissions, including particulate matter and nitrogen oxides (NOx). However, modern diesel engines are equipped with emission control technologies to reduce their environmental impact.

What is biodiesel, and can it be used in gen sets?

Biodiesel is a renewable fuel made from plant or animal fats. It can be used in some diesel gen sets with minor modifications. Biodiesel has lower emissions and is considered more environmentally friendly.

Can I switch the fuel type for my gen set if my needs change?

Some gen sets are designed to be dual-fuel or have conversion kits available, allowing you to switch between fuel types. However, it’s essential to consult with the manufacturer to ensure compatibility and safety.