Sometimes it feels pathetic when your gen set gets worn out the moment you require it the most. Therefore, it is necessary to appropriately upkeep the generator unit and make sure that the machine functions efficiently at the time of requirement. Some of the house owners suppose that pre-emptive upkeep is just a futile extra charge. As the leading supplier of Caterpillar 3412 generator, we have listed some of the crucial factors to factors to consider for keeping genset in a top-quality condition.

Factors to consider for keeping genset in a top-quality condition


1. Services to perform once:

#1 Sheltering of the rodent in gen set:

Screening of rodent is essential for your generator unit because it safeguards no rodent penetration and eventually also averts the debris to get inside it. The entire process does not involve massive bucks and also helps you to save significant cost later on.

#2 Installation of the remote scanner in your generator unit:

Installation of the remote monitoring is also the one-time service to make your generator set run smoothly. It also helps in collection of data, review the data and giving fast alerts in case any difficulty arises. It helps you to receive swift notification through email or text option. Eventually, your technician will then find it simple to assess any problem arising to shield the accurate instruments that come along onsite. We also provide the quality-oriented MTU diesel generator that you can single out as per your requirement and budget.

#3 Oil quantity regulator:

The instrument is beneficial because it helps you to preserve appropriate crankcase oil volume inside the stationary, multi-cylinder engines but no requirement of constant attention. It is also necessary at the time of expanded power cuts when the gen sets can produce brighter one-quarter of the oil once in 10 hours duration.

2. Services to perform annually:

#1 Analyze the fluid levels of gen set:

It is also one of the critical factors to consider because generator units involve three essential fluids crucial for the smooth functioning of the engine and enhancing the lifespan: coolant, fuel and the oil. The regular fluid analysis will eventually help you to recognize the problems such as bacteria, water, and sediment inside the diesel fuel, any such contamination in oil, corrosive malfunctioning of coolant way before they also play an essential role in generator non-success and the time when gen set is not in working condition.

#2 Scrutinization of the load bank:

It is not possible to function the generator unit without operation of running load. The evaluation of load bank will eventually help you to decrease “wet=stacking” on diesel generator units. It also makes sure about the proper handling of entire nameplate Kw. It is also essential to perform this test annually. We also provide used diesel generators for sale that you can choose as per your preference, requirement, and budget.

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3. Service to carry out once in every two years:

#1 Changing the block heater in the generator unit:

Shortage of appropriate coolant conditioning, coolant dehydration, the chemical reaction of coolant and also the persistent operation in the cold atmosphere will eventually lead to the reduction in life of block heater. Therefore, it is vitally important to change the block heater once in every 2 years.

>>Service essential once in three years:

#1 Coolant flushing:

It is also necessary to perform the flushing of coolant to enhance the proper functioning of the generator unit. After a certain period, coolant turns acidic and begins to harm the interior parts of the gen set. A coolant flush also eliminates the caustic coolant and changes it with new coolant. It eventually helps in increasing the lifespan of generator equipment and gen set reliability. It is essential to perform the task once in three years.

Closing Thoughts:

So, factors, as mentioned above, are essential to consider for increasing the life of gen set and enhance the functioning with each passing day. We also provide diesel portable generator that you can choose as per your preference, requirement, and budget.