Did you know that power outages cost United States businesses an estimated $150 billion every year?

There are solutions out there that you can invest in that will keep your lights on, phones working, and your building warm. A CAT diesel generator provides reliability and security, so you can keep going even when the power is out.

Keep reading to learn about CAT and Cummins diesel engine generator benefits, and how to choose the right diesel generator for your business.

Why Get a Diesel Powered Generator?

Diesel generators are popular for many reasons. They’re cost-effective and are a great source of power that is very reliable.

Diesel generators are more fuel-efficient than other types of portable generators such as natural gas generators. This is great because this means you’ll get longer run times on the same amount of fuel when compared to gas-powered generators.

Better yet, in most places, diesel fuel is a cheaper fuel option than gasoline is. Not only will it keep your generator running longer, but it will cost you less to fill your tank too.

Another benefit of a diesel generator is that they require less maintenance. Unlike gas engines, diesel engines don’t have spark plugs or carburetors. The only real maintenance that a diesel engine needs is regular oil changes.

Diesel engines also last a lot longer than gasoline engines. You can safely expect your diesel generator’s engine to last up to 3 times as long as a gasoline engine will.

From a safety standpoint, diesel comes with a lot less risk than gasoline. Diesel is a much less-flammable type of fuel when compared to gasoline. This lessens the risk of a fire or explosion should an accident occur.

Cummins Diesel Engine Generator Benefits


There are a lot of diesel generator companies on the market today, but Cummins has been a mainstay in the diesel engine and diesel generator market for decades. 

Because Cummins has been working with diesel for so long, it has given them time and experience to optimize their generators. Their design is especially beneficial for maintaining them for a long time and getting reliable service out of them.

They provide great reliability because they use an intensified alloy and casting cylinder. This cylinder along with a Ferrous Cast Ductile piston to provides better engine rigidity. 

These materials allow the Cummins diesel generator to work at a high level while producing less noise and vibration and help the engine to adapt to higher explosion pressure.

Cummins diesel generators also get good fuel economy. They come equipped with an advanced fuel control system that uses a specially designed piston top chamber along with high-pressure fuel injection to provide top levels of fuel efficiency.

It always seems like it takes forever for a generator to kick in when the power goes out, but not with a Cummins diesel generator. They are designed to have a quick response time to get your power up and running in no time.

The Cummins diesel generator also comes with a unique water pump system that uses cool water to keep the generator from overheating. The use of this pump system prevents corrosion and gets rid of impurities. This makes the generator run smoother and last longer.

Another benefit of a Cummins diesel generator is that, should you need them, spare parts are plentiful and easy to get. This makes maintenance on your generator simple and hassle-free.

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CAT Diesel Generator Benefits

Caterpillar has been a power in the diesel generator market for a long time, and with good reason. Their generators are some of the most efficient and durable generators available today.

The goal of CAT diesel generators is to provide clean, economical power in a reliable way in the most difficult and demanding environments and situations. 

Because Caterpillar is the world’s largest manufacturer of diesel engines, you have an almost unlimited amount of specifications available to you. This makes finding the perfect generator for your business a breeze.

Another benefit of caterpillar generators is that they’re easy to get a permit for and even easier to install and use. This is a big difference when it comes to Caterpillar vs. Cummins diesel generators.

A big area where CAT diesel generators stand out when comparing CAT vs Cummins diesel generators is the fuel efficiency. CAT diesel generators are famous around the world for their top-notch fuel efficiency. 

They are also much easier to maintain than other generator brands. Popular cat generators have one of the lowest life-cycle costs of any brand of generator available today.

Another one of the CAT diesel generator benefits is that they have excellent transient response times compared to many portable generators. This means that your generator will perform at a high level no matter the load that is being placed on it.

If you are worried about the environmental impact of using inverter generators, CAT diesel generators have you covered. They are compliant with almost all of the regulations in place across the globe when it comes to emissions and have great fuel consumption.

Caterpillar diesel

Are You Ready for More Power?

Diesel generator sets can be a real lifesaver and money saver for a business. If the power goes out, you could be looking at millions in lost profits. A CAT diesel generator will ensure that the power stays on and your business functions at normal levels.

There are generators engines for every building size and every application. Finding the perfect portable generator for your business is a matter of knowing what you need it for and how much power your business will be using.

Are you ready to have a reliable backup power source that will save you millions? Get in touch with the experts at Central States Diesel Generators today, and they’ll help you find the perfect quiet inverter generator for your business.


Frequently Asked Questions 

What benefits does a CAT generator provide?

CAT generators are known for their reliability. They are all-weather generators that work even in the harshest weather conditions. They are built to provide clean, and economical energy, they are easy to install and maintain and get easy permits to use. However, where they rank over Cummins generators is fuel efficiency. They are also low on life cycle cost, adding to the overall savings. They also provide excellent transient response times compared to several other portable generators. All these factors make them an extremely popular choice.

What are the benefits of using a Cummings generator?

Cummins specialized in diesel engines, making them one of the most popular products in the market. Since they have been working with diesel engines for decades, Cummins has been able to upgrade its technology a lot. Secondly, these generators come with intensified alloy and casting cylinders, making them extremely reliable. They produce less noise and vibration, they have a quick response time, and they come with a unique water pump system that uses cool water to keep the generator from overheating.

Which is a better option for me – Cummins or CAT generator?

Whether Cummins or CAT will be more beneficial for you will purely depend on your requirement. Both Cummins and CAT generators come with their own set of benefits and both are high on performance. You must first understand your needs before purchasing one. If you are unable to decide which one suits your requirements the best, let the experts at Central States Diesel Generators help you find one.