If you’re like everybody in the world, you need electricity. You know that you need it, but do you know what kind of generator you should be using?

A generator converts electricity from mechanical energy. The energy will provide the generator fuel. The type of fuel you use in your generator is important.

Portable diesel generators produce electricity with a diesel engine that uses diesel as a fuel.

A diesel generator has a lot of advantages over a gasoline generator. Find out why you should choose a portable diesel engine over gas here:

1. They Are Economical

Everyone has complained once in their life about the price of gas. It is known to be expensive which is why gasoline generators are costly. Gas is also easy to spill and is highly flammable.

Not only is gas a risk, but it has a short shelf life. Gas cannot be stored for more than a year.

Although diesel can be more expensive than gasoline, diesel generators require less fuel and last longer. This means you will be saving money in the long run on diesel fuel.

Portable diesel generators are fuel-efficient making them economical. It takes less fuel to run a portable diesel generator. Portable diesel generators are a cost-effective option.

2. They Have Efficient Power Generation

Gasoline and propane generators are not as efficient as diesel generators because of their complicated fuel systems.

Portable diesel generators are not as complicated and can be fixed easily. They can also be used in all weather, including the cold.

3. They Are Less Dangerous

Gasoline is highly flammable and can be especially dangerous if fuel lines are broken. They require three times the fuel consumption compared to portable diesel generators.

Portable diesel generators require less making them less dangerous. These generators also require the least flammable fuel source.

Safety is an important aspect of generators especially portable diesel generators for home use. You’ll sleep better at night knowing there is less chance of a disaster or accident.

During an emergency disaster, such as a tornado, diesel fuel is more readily available.

4. They Take Large Loads and Run Longer

Portable diesel generators are made specifically to produce electricity for a long time even with a large load. This makes them the best option for off the grid places that require power for a long duration. For example, using portable diesel generators for camping is a great idea.

Not only that, but it can provide sufficient power when a power grid has gone down. It can be used as an uninterrupted power supply.

Portable diesel generators can work their best under large loads. This includes hospitals with all the devices, airports, ships that need electricity to navigate, and more.

Portable diesel generators for home use can be helpful in large homes. It can also work as the backup generator for buildings, construction sites, and more. Truly, any organizations needing power can benefit from portable diesel generators.

Portable Generators

5. They Are Low Maintenance

Even the most heavy-duty of portable diesel generators require low maintenance compared to other types of generators. The ease of these devices saves time and money.

They require less maintenance because they do not have spark plugs or carburetors. Because of this, there is no need to replace spark plugs or rebuild carburetors.

The services you will need on your portable diesel generator is annual fuel cleaning and filtering, maintaining the cooling system, checking the battery power, and regular testing. The most service you will need on your portable diesel generator is needing regular fuel changes.

All of these maintenance requirements are easily attainable and take little to no hassle from you. It is important to keep records of inspections to ensure that you know the state of your generator at all times.

6. The Noise Level is Low

You may have heard that diesel engines are noisy, but that is old news. Contemporary portable diesel generators are not famously loud.

Portable diesel generators run as quietly as gasoline engines, except when they are idling. When gasoline generators are fully on, they can produce more noise than diesel.

It takes more power for gasoline generators to run, making them noisier when they reach those high levels. Whereas, diesel generators don’t require as much power and can run quietly.

7. They Are More Profitable

Because portable diesel generators can be used for longer periods of time, they are more profitable than gasoline generators.

Generators have to be replaced after a certain amount of time, but if you are looking to upgrade your portable diesel generator, selling is a great option. Selling your diesel generator is smart because they last longer. If it is not “beyond economical repair” it can be sold.

A portable diesel generator comes with a lot of benefits that you can look forward to. These benefits also make it easy to make a profit when you decide to upgrade for a newer portable diesel generator.

Portable Diesel Generators

Portable diesel generators are used everywhere for various reasons, in-home, camping, businesses, construction sites, and more. Whether you need power in a remote location that has no electricity, or as a backup, you can count on a portable diesel generator.

You can find portable diesel generators for sale if you are ready to transition to the best generator type. Whatever your needs are, a diesel generator can benefit you.

For more information about portable diesel generators, contact Central States Diesel Generators.