We have been using Industrial diesel engines in innumerable equipment including power generation for oil and gas industry, for more than a century. The key reason for the success of this type of engine is due to its internal combustion method. It augments engine efficiency and reduces fuel consumption. Engines in diesel generators may make noise, however, its performance remains unmatched when compared with other fuel generators. Know about why are industrial diesel engines so efficient?

Why Are Industrial Diesel Engines So Efficient?

No Spark – Efficiency Comes From Compressed Air

The internal combustion diesel engine ignites atomized fuel through injection into a combustion chamber. The compressed air in the cylinder is at an elevated temperature so that there is instantaneous combustion without the need for a spark ignition source.
The diesel engine has the highest thermal efficiency of an internal combustion engine. With its high energy content (high energy density), diesel delivers more the war than burning the same volume of gasoline. Diesel fuel burns cleaner than gasoline.
Fuel costs per kW produced with diesel engines are considerably less than with other engine fuel types. With its higher energy density, the consumption of fuel is less. The result is that diesel engines have a fuel efficiency that is normally thirty to fifty percent less than gas units.

Other Advantages of Industrial Diesel Engines

Since the inception of their industrial use, diesel engines have continued making operational improvements and have overcome earlier disadvantages of higher noise and maintenance costs. New diesel generators may be a source of loud noise, however, the maintenance of used diesel generator for sale will be better, as it has been operated and inspected at regular intervals.

Diesel engines used for electric gen-sets often have lower maintenance costs. Because of their lower operating temperatures and no spark ignition system, they are generally easier to maintain. Their reliability increases because the elimination of the electrical ignition system. It diminishes any parasitic load on the engine and allows the engine to perform reliably in damper or colder climates. Diesel engines can operate reliably for long periods of time. For example, an 1800 rpm water cooled diesel unit can operate for 12,000 to 30,000 hours before any major maintenance is necessary.
Diesel engines are normally built with high strength in its parts. This is because of the high level of compression and the higher generation of torque.

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