By the end of 2018, there were about 9,719 power plants in the United States. Given that the average American goes without power for approximately 112 minutes every year, these power plants are still inadequate.

Have you been wondering what alternative power generation options you might have at your disposal to make up for such instances of outages?

A portable generator is your best bet. Whether you run a small or medium-sized enterprise having a backup generator can save you from the frustrations of recurrent blackouts. Diesel generators are among the most reliable backup options on the cards that can help you save money.

Could you be considering ways to help you cut on energy costs? Here are 7 ways diesel generators can help you meet your power needs without hurting your pockets.

1. Efficiency

Efficiency should always matter when purchasing a portable generator. You need to consider an option that’s easy to fix. You should also go for a generator that can withstand the different climatic extremes.

Diesel generators are a perfect choice when considering efficiency. With this option, it’s easy to fix any recurrent issues with incredible ease. Diesel generators can withstand cold temperatures, which helps to keep your lights on all year round.

Businesses that own diesel engines spend less on fuel regardless of the number of operational hours. You’ll also notice less wear and tear on the motor when using diesel engines. This is partly because diesel engines don’t need to work as hard.

2. Less Noise

Everybody dreads the use of generators due to the constant irritating noise most old models produce. Sound can be a major distraction, especially on business premises with limited space. The good news is that with diesel generators, you don’t have to worry about noise.

Compared to most old models, modern diesel generators have quieter motors. These diesel engines, therefore, require less power, which ensures that they run more quietly.

3. Longer Run Time

Run time is an important consideration when buying a diesel engine.

Most old model generators had inherent limitations due to shorter run times. You don’t want to end up with a generator that does not guarantee an adequate run time to complete your most essential power needs. Your best bet would be to settle for a portable diesel generator.

Diesel generators have unmatched run time. This unique aspect ensures that your business has an adequate supply of power for a longer time. Motors on a diesel generator run far longer than those on a standard gasoline engine, which adds to your productivity.

4. More Power Output

Did you know that it takes 1 Kwh to keep 1000-watt light bulbs illuminated for one hour?

Most business premises and households require at least 914 kWh to keep most of the essential functions going. This means that in case of a power outage, you need a diesel backup option that can ensure adequate power output to keep up with your power needs.

Compared to most other older models, diesel generators can generate far more power. The average natural gas engine of the same size can’t produce as much energy.

Are you looking for a power backup option that guarantees above-average power output?

A diesel generator generates double the amount of power you would get from any old-model generators. This means that you can keep up with your power needs without worrying about limitations in the power supply.

5. Fewer Running Costs

When contemplating the actual budget of buying a generator, it would also help to consider the running costs.

You don’t want to end up paying through the nose when purchasing a generator that will require recurrent running costs. When matched with natural gas engines, diesel generators require fewer running costs, which makes this option worth your dime.

The cost of recurrent maintenance can be overwhelming. This is especially in the case of older models that had spark plugs or carburetors. The new model of diesel generators doesn’t have spark plugs, which makes them more durable.

Most diesel generators are also simpler and more efficient. This option requires less preventive maintenance and refueling. If you have a business that requires constant backup generators, this should be your best bet.

6. Diesel Generators Are Safer

Safety should be a core consideration when operating a generator.

Most gasoline-powered generators require frequent refueling to keep them running for longer. When you undertake such recurrent refueling processes, you get exposure to highly flammable gasoline, which may lead to a potentially dangerous situation.

12% of all commercial building fires are caused by electrical distribution and lighting equipment failures.

You can’t take chances with the risk of fire within your business. As such, it would be best to settle for the safest option when shopping around for a portable generator. Diesel generators are the safest option for all your power backup needs.

Most diesel generators require less fueling, which minimizes the risk of fires. Further, diesel is less flammable compared to gasoline, which means your business will be safer from any probable risks.

7. Features

When settling for a backup generator, the inherent features should matter.

The main problem with older versions was their limited features. However, the diesel generator has some unique features that make this option stand out.

Some of the unique features include transfer switch, automatic voltage regulation, and automatic shutdown options. These options, coupled with extra safety features, help minimize any mishaps when operating the diesel standby generator.

These Attributes of Diesel Generators Should Matter

When settling for a diesel generator, there are unique aspects that should matter. These inherent strengths make diesel generators superior when compared to natural gas engines.

Longer run time, better efficiency, and low running costs are some of the unique benefits of these generators. You also get to enjoy more features and higher levels of safety when using diesel engines. Our full range of used diesel generators combines cost-effectiveness and efficiency to guarantee you the best results.

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