Buying a used industrial generator can be a great way to get power back-up for your facility without drilling a hole in your pocket. You might think that going for a new machine might be a better solution but remember – your budget will be much better spent on a top quality, high-performing used generator than an overpriced, low-quality new machine. The internet offers many sellers that refurbish and sell pre-owned diesel generators at exceptional prices. To help you in making a successful purchase, here is a guide on how to buy a used industrial generator online.

When buying online, find out as much as you can about the pre-owned usage history and age before making a financial commitment. Most gensets can operate well for over 10000 hours before they require any major overhaul. So any machine that has been used less than 500 hours should be a good purchase. Also, remember to avoid buying any generator manufactured before the year 2000 or you will have to face many challenges as a result of obsolete technology. Make sure you examine actual photos of the machine’s hour meter to determine its correct age and history.

Used Industrial Diesel Generator

used industrial diesel generator

The key to buying a good quality used industrial diesel generator is finding a reputed dealer to purchase it from. Either choose a seller that you personally trust or put in some efforts to research their background, service quality and market reputation to get an idea of their reliability. Top names in the business maintain an inventory of good quality pre-owned machines that have been refurbished, tested and certified on performance and offered with a warranty cover. So be very careful when selecting an online seller of pre-owned generators to avoid the risk of getting ripped off.

Just keep these factors in mind, and you won’t face any issues when buying a used industrial diesel generator online.

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