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New 3 Phase Generators for Sale

Considering buying an industrial size 3 phase generator for your commercial or industrial operation? If so, there are several reason to consider making your next purchase a three phase generator from Central State Diesel Generators. A 3 phase diesel generator produces substantially higher voltage and allows for far greater electrical loads than a single phase industrial generator will. Many sites now mandate the use of a 3 phase power generator simply because it can handle heavier load requirements.

If you are wanted to back up power in a hospital, an office building, a large event or intend on powering up large industrial equipment, you’ll appreciate the lower current in each phase of operations in a 3 phase diesel generator that ensures greater stability and reliability. In contrast with single phase industrial generators, these models produce three distinct and separate AC power waves in a delivered sequence. This gives site managers and operations greater confidence that the machine will deliver an uninterruptible supply of power that is demanded by busy and essential facilities and projects.

How to Choose the Right Size 3 Phase Power Generator

Before even beginning to look at any 3 phase generator for sale, it is essential to know what size you need for your particular situation. Remember, the higher the output is, the more power it provides for operations and other appliances at any given time. The higher the voltage, the higher you can expect a 3 phase generator price to be.

While a single phase generator typically comes in 120, 240 and 120/240 voltages, the average three phase generator’s voltage is 480. However, there are 3 phase generators for sale in a variety of voltages including:

  • 120/208V
  • 208V
  • 277/480V
  • 240V
  • 416V
  • 600V

Even most 3 phase portable generators offer a power factor of .8 which is more than adequate for heavy operations and can double as single phase power sources if desired. Many have options that allow for outlets to be configured in multiple fashions for various jobs. If you have any questions about a 3 phase generator for sale, be sure to talk to our experts at Central State Diesel Generators.

Choosing a Three Phase Generator Fuel Type

There are many fuel options in the realm of the three phase generator scene such as petrol, natural gas and diesel. While their functionality abilities and sizes are similar, a 3 phase diesel generator has its advantages. Compared to other options, a diesel powered generator requires far less maintenance and upkeep, which dramatically reduces overhead costs.

Furthermore, diesel models tend to be very popular with hospitals and essential services who rely on continuous power due to their superior record of stability and longevity. Another benefit for many is the fact that most 3 phase diesel generator models are smaller than fuel powered ones. Hence, they tend to offer greater fuel efficiency versus petrol.

Deciding Between a 3 Phase Portable Generator or Stationary Model

3 phase portable generator takes the best of both worlds and combines them, as those who rely on these can take them anywhere and still reap the benefits of diesel. A stationary unit is ideal for stand alone structures, but for events and site construction, a 3 phase portable generator only makes sense. The 3 phase generator price for portable may be somewhat higher, but the profitability margin is vastly increased which makes them a wise choice for many buyers.

Find New and Used 3 Phase Generators for Sale at Central States Diesel Generators

Those in need of a high-voltage power source that will not let them down such as a hospital, data center or industrial or commercial operation will appreciate that 3 phase generators for sale can meet their needs. Here at Central States Diesel Generators in Waukesha, WI we have great deals on both new and used three phase generator models from many of the most reliable brands from around the world.

If you opt for a used model, you can save as much as 70% off the price of a new generator, and we fully inspect and service used three phase generators while backing them up with a guarantee of satisfaction. You’ll get a great deal without expending your equipment budge on just one piece, and you are not alone. More and more wise management and site operators are choosing used generators to help reduce overhead costs.


Never Sacrifice Quality While Getting the Best 3 Phase Generator Price

Whether you buy new or used, you won’t have to skimp on performance or quality. Here at Central States Diesel Generators, we offer fully-functioning used and new brand name natural gas and diesel 3 phase generators ranging from 100 kW to 2000 kW. If you buy a used three phase generator for sale, rest assured that they are fully inspected, wholly restored and maintained, and will arrive at your site ready for optimal operation. Our team is committed to providing you with all the information you need concerning your purchase, including details about power rating, size, voltage and a manual for operations.

Why Choose Central States Diesel Generators?

Here at Central States Diesel Generators, our experienced staff goes beyond and above your expectations to ensure that you receive not only fine products but exceptional service. We are happy to assist you with additional support via consumption p planning, system configuration, installation, and much more.

Our founder, president and managing partner, Patrick Paden, has more than three decades of experience in the machining and operations industry. After years of training at an equipment reconditioning and portable aggregate processing facility, Patrick followed his passion and began Central States Diesel Generators. His commitment to your satisfaction upholds the high standards he expected from other providers, and his company guarantees your happiness with both products and services.

Check Out Our Current Inventory of 3 Phase Generators for Sale at Central States

You’ll be impressed by our massive inventory or used and new industrial three phase generators from Central States Diesel Generators in Waukesha, WI. Our professionals will make sure that your power generation requirements are met at all times, and we are happy to have a power consultation with you at any time with no obligation to purchase. Contact us online or call 262-955-7655 today to schedule an appointment or make an inquiry with one of our power pros.

Frequently Asked Questions about 3 Phase Generator

What are the important things to look for when buying a 3-phase generator?

First and foremost, consider the quality of the generator. Most 3-phase generators are used to power essential and critical machines, so, when you buy a 3-phase generator, look for factors like its product name, its specifications, its size, and its power ratings. These are some of the main factors that will determine the generator’s performance.

Why should I invest in a 3-phase generator?

A 3-phase produces higher voltage, that too sustainably. It also allows for greater electrical loads as compared to a single-phase generator. The usage of 3-phase generators has become commonplace simply because of their capability of handling heavier load requirements.

How can I choose the right size for a 3-phase generator?

You must decide on the size of a 3-phase generator depending on your needs. The higher the output, the more power a 3-phase generator will provide. The higher the voltage, the costlier it will be. Remember that a 3-phase generator can also double up as a single-phase generator if need be. So, choose wisely.

Which fuel type 3-phase generator should I choose?

Usually, 3-phase generators are available in natural gas, petrol and diesel variants. Amongst the three, diesel variants are the most effective as they require lower maintenance, reducing the overall costs, reliable, stable and long-lasting. These factors make diesel 3-phase generators more popular in applications where businesses can’t afford to lose power at any given point in time.

Used or new 3-phase generator, which is a better option?

It all depends on your requirement, budget and urgency. Both used and new generators come with their own set of pros and cons. However, if you have budget and time constraints, then you must go for a used generator. For any help in buying a 3-phase used generator, you can contact Central States Diesel Generators.