Interruptions in power? Reaching for batteries? The robust solution to all these problems is generators. 

Industrial generators are significantly more potent; they can keep factories, clinics, and office buildings fully powered. Here, we bring you a comprehensive buying guide for one of the best generator brands- Doosan.

About Doosan

Doosan started producing goods in 1896 when Park Seung-Jik opened a modest, contemporary business in Seoul, Korea. The Doosan shop was the new name adopted in 1925. 1960 saw the founding of Dongsan Construction and Engineering Company, which is now known as Doosan Engineering & Construction. 

Doosan is a multinational conglomerate that combines its skills to manufacture engines, bridges, construction equipment, machine tools, automation systems, power plants, and industrial facilities. Additionally, the companies that are linked with it offer consumer goods, including books, periodicals, and clothing.

Understanding Power Requirements for Your Business

Doosan generator

Purchasing an industrial generator is a big choice for any company. Having a backup power source is crucial to maintaining business continuity during unplanned outages or to offering a dependable source of electricity to run a business or facility as the dependence on electricity for critical operations grows. 

Power Needs

List all the things that the generator will need to power at any given time, whether you require a portable generator set for industrial tools and remote operations or a way to keep productivity at an industrial plant in the event of a blackout. Make sure the generator is the right size to accommodate the electrical loads you need to supply while also leaving plenty of surplus capacity. Undersizing the generator results in a situation that is nearly identical to a utility “brown-out” scenario caused by insufficient voltage. 

kVA and kW

Your options for generators will be limited to a particular capacity range when your total kVA and kW power requirements are calculated. This will further help you in determining the size of the generator you need. The following formulas are frequently used in conjunction with a square foot measurement system to factor in the power needs for sizing generators for certain commercial and retail applications:

Retail: 50 kW + 10 watts/square foot equals kW.

Business: 30 kW + 5 watts/square foot equals kW.

There are various types of generators to meet every purpose, with power outputs ranging from 800 watts to over 500,000 watts.

Load Factor

The actual quantity of kilowatt-hours (kWh) provided on a system in a predetermined amount of time is known as the load factor. It is a metric for the rate of use, or the effectiveness, of electrical energy use; a high load factor denotes more efficient use of the electric system by the load, whereas a low load factor is caused by consumers or generators who use the electric distribution less effectively.

Portable Doosan Generators 

Portable Doosan generators are widely employed in daily operations on a variety of industrial and recreational sites as a source of temporary, readily transportable electric power. Portable generators majorly use diesel to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. Generators that are easily transportable to various locations, such as building sites or distant areas, may be necessary for your business. In addition to having built-in fuel tanks and simple portability, these generators also have distribution panels or voltage selector switches. 

Doosan Portable Power’s mobile generators combine cutting-edge technology and rugged characteristics to meet the demands of industrial and emergency backup users in addition to construction and rental clients. Generators from Doosan Portable Power & EPA-certified are built with a user-friendly interface, less noise, and fuel efficiency in mind. Mobility is ensured by rugged enclosures, skids, and running gear assemblies, which also offer the most easily accessible service points available.

Key Features To Consider When Buying Doosan Generators

Doosan generator

Here are the major points to ponder while purchasing Doosan generators:

Type of Fuel Used

Different types of regular fuel are used to operate generators. Choose a reasonably priced and easily available source in your immediate area. Large, continuous-duty generators usually run on propane or natural gas instead of diesel or gasoline. Conversely, versatile generators typically run on gasoline or diesel, which can be a smarter choice. 

The Doosan generator can run at maximum capacity for 24 hours on a single fuel tank. It is centered and installed low on the frame to guarantee a low center of gravity and balanced lifting. 


Regular maintenance of a generator not only keeps the system operating properly but also reduces the possibility of damage, accidents, and future, more expensive repairs. Regular maintenance also makes it more likely that your generator will function smoothly and effectively in the event of a power outage.

Your generator may sustain damage and other issues if it is not maintained, which could impair its functionality. Doosans remove the need for thorough and time-consuming deep cleanings by using unique catalyst treatment technologies.

Doosan generators

Safety and Environmental Standards

When using a generator, the main risks to be aware of are fire, electric shock or electrocution, and carbon monoxide poisoning from the toxic exhaust of the engine. In Doosan generators, the connection panels are large and clearly labeled for the safety of the operator. Also, the generator frames serve as spill and leak containment barriers. 

At 74 dBA, Doosan generators are the quietest available on the market. For ease and security, fans are specially made to keep them operating at a cool temperature. In addition to isochronous frequency management, its electronic controls enable sophisticated diagnostic monitoring and protection. Also, the EPA Tier 4-final satisfies California’s emissions rule, making these generators environmentally friendly.

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Used Doosan G150 Rental Grade Diesel Generator, 6670 Hrs, EPA

 Tier 4i

Used Doosan G150 Rental Grade Diesel Generator, 7979 Hrs, EPA Tier 4i $39,900

Common Questions about Doosan Generators

1.What is the range of Doosan generators?

Doosan generators come in a range of 25 kVA-70 kVA and 125 kVA-570 kVA with accessible service points, reduced sound levels, and a user-friendly interface.

2.Which is preferable to buy, an inverter or a generator?

The generator can support large appliances and equipment and is inexpensive to purchase. However, its operating costs are significant. Although inverters are compact, silent, and costly, they can only provide moderate voltage. Thus, depending on your needs, you can buy either of them.

3. What is a major drawback of a portable generator?

When a power outage occurs, portable generators must be manually started because they don’t start on their own. But Doosan generators have auto or remote start.