Power cuts are unbearable and can cost your business millions (a true nightmare)! That’s where Industrial Generators come to the rescue. Keep this in mind; one should not underestimate the importance of Industrial Generators.

 Industrial generators work as emergency power supply during power shortages and provide businesses with electrical power in regions with no power grid. Yeah, just like an emergency ambulance standing next door! 

They are durable and reliable machines that help businesses and organizations greatly. In short, their existence is irreplaceable!

Like other assets, generators cost a lot. That’s why you should buy it after thorough research, right? Yes! 

Something as indispensable as an industrial generator should be bought after giving some serious thought to it.

Now, the question is – What should you look for in an industrial generator in 2024?

Ahh! An excellent question that we have the answer to. Ready to learn more about the trends in industrial generators in 2024 to help you choose what is best for your business.

What should you look for in a generator in 2024?

We have now established that industrial generators are not only good but essential to businesses. Whether you are looking for your first generator or an upgrade for your old industrial generator, beware. 

Before starting, let us tell you a fun fact. Did you know? Just like fashion trends, industrial generators have some quirky trends, too! Intriguing, right?

Keeping the industrial generator trends in 2024, we’re here to help you choose the perfect generator for your business.

There are some key points that might help you come to a decision you won’t regret. First, let’s talk about primary three:

  • Size of the Generator

A common key point throughout the years has been the size of the generator. The size of your generator depends on one thing mostly – the number of essential machines you need to run during power shortages.

Experts recommend calculating the wattage of the essential machines you need to run and adding 25% to the sum. This is not only an advantage in terms of having additional power to sometimes help you run more machinery but also ensures that your generator is not running 100% all the time. The less the load on your industrial generator, the better it works.

  • EPA rating

One of the most essential features to look out for is the EPA ratings. Thinking, what are those and why are those important? Let’s understand…

EPA ratings on a generator indicate the emission standard an industrial generator meets. This is set by the Environment Protection Agency. The ratings work like this – more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly industrial generators receive a higher tier from the EPA.

There are also other factors that come into play with EPA ratings, like the size of the generator, type of generator and year of manufacturing of the generator. 

In today’s times, when we are trying to save our planet, it is wise and even essential to use more eco-friendly machinery. Minimizing our carbon footprint and abiding by environmental laws will only help us sustain our planet for upcoming generations.

So, be wise and choose eco-friendly options from companies like Central States Diesel Generators.

  •  Pricing

Even though the price of a generator comes into consideration when talking about what industrial generator you should opt for, it is not something you should get stuck on. You would often find affordable industrial generators that meet your requirements just as much as the expensive ones.

There is obviously an option to buy a used industrial generator. Why should you buy used? Well, companies like Central States Diesel Generators sell new and used generators depending on customers’ needs. Used Generators they sell are in excellent condition, with good EPA ratings, and most importantly, they are cheaper than new ones.

Power Generator

Now, let’s move on to the latest trends in Industrial Generators in 2024.

  • Renewable Energy Sources

As we previously talked about in the EPO section, it is necessary for us to choose eco-friendly options as much as we can. That includes using renewable energy such as geothermal, solar or wind.

As of late, the demand for renewable energy sources has increased. Industrial generators combined with renewable energy sources are more environmentally friendly than their fuel-sourced counterparts.

More usage of renewable energy sources may exponentially decrease companies’ carbon footprints.

  • Distributed Generation

Distributed generation lowers the reliance on centralized power plants by putting generation closer to the demand point. This is a great advantage as it minimizes transmission loss as the generator is near the point requiring electricity power.

Since industrial generators offer on-site solutions to power issues, they have become essential to distributed generation systems.

As the demand for distributed generation rises, industrial generators will become even more important than they already are due to their adaptability and durability.

  • Customized Solutions and Advanced Technologies

These two trends will heavily influence the industrial generator market in 2024 and the upcoming years. So, let’s talk briefly about them.

Different industries have different requirements. And yes, that applies to industrial generators as well. Hence, the demand for customization is rising. Customized solutions cater to the needs of businesses perfectly. It provides a competitive edge to businesses along with easing their own needs.

Talking about Advanced Technologies, it is well established that we are now more tech-savvy than before, and this will always be the case as we continue to grow as a civilization. Advancements in the tech world have made our lives easier and more convenient.

So, advanced technologies in the industrial generator market have only ensured the betterment. This has increased the performance and efficiency of industrial generators immensely as they have transformed their functionality.

What to do?

“Change is inevitable!”

Not only is change inevitable, but it is the only constant. So, as the industrial generator market changes, you need to keep up with it.

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Living in today’s time, it is wise to opt for eco-friendly options; this is possible without compromising the quality of industrial generators. Environmentally friendly now goes hand in hand with the best.

So, before making any decision, it is recommended to do thorough research on industrial generators trends and adapt the one that works best for you.

FAQs about Industrial Generator trends

  1. What should I consider before buying an industrial generator?

The key factors to take into consideration before buying an industrial generator are –

  • Your business requirements
  • EPA ratings and how eco-friendly the generator is
  • Size of the generator
  • Advanced Technologies
  1. What changes may the industrial generators market see in 2024?

There is already a rise in demand for customized solutions, advanced technologies, distributed generation systems and renewable energy sources. The industrial generators market will continue to see these trends rise exponentially in 2024.

  1. Are EPA ratings important in an industrial generator?

Yes, the growing necessity for environmentally friendly options makes the EPA ratings more critical than ever. Using fuel-efficient industrial generators is essential for your and your employees’ health and, eventually, the planet. The higher the EPA tier, the less emission they will cause. Trust companies like CS Diesel Generators to help you get eco-friendly generators for your business.