Figuring out what to do with your redundant diesel generator is definitely a hard task. Whether you are closing or scaling your facility or are in the process of replacing old machinery with new models. The machine will take up unnecessary space and will keep-on depreciating in value. In future it will become scrap – so keeping it around is a strict no-no. A better and more constructive solution to the problem will be selling the piece of equipment for a reasonable price. So, if you think of selling your Diesel Generator, use this blog post for tips.

#Run an informative ad

One common mistake is putting up an advertisement of a diesel generator for sale with inadequate information and unattractive photos. When designing a sales ad, make sure you include pictures with a full view of the unit. Everything – including its enclosure, ID tag, hour meter, voltage stamp, brand and a close-up of the engine. As the idea is to ensure that a prospective buyer knows exactly what he/she is getting the product you have to offer. With all the information provided upfront, you are assured of winning buyers’ trust and getting better deals.

Generator Power rating

#Price the unit reasonably

Even the most seasoned sellers can end up putting an unfair price tag on the used diesel generator for sale they have on offer. And, in an even bigger mistake, people often end up running a sales ad for their device without publishing an expected price range at all! This way, a buyer assumes that the price is too high which is why you are hiding it. Keep the current condition of the machine, its usage parameters and depreciation in mind to arrive at a reasonable price tag that will attract more buyers.


#Sell it to professionals

If you wish to avoid all the above hassles and sell your diesel generator at a good price, the best way will be contacting professionals who are in the business of buying and selling used industrial machines. They will have experts who will examine your device, and evaluate a fair price for the same. They may even collect it from your premises without any problems faced at your end.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Selling Your Diesel Generator

1. How can I determine the resale value of my diesel generator?

The resale value depends on factors like age, condition, brand, and market demand – consider a professional appraisal.

2.What steps should I take to prepare my diesel generator for sale?

Perform maintenance, clean it, gather documentation, and ensure it’s in working order.

3.What documentation should I provide to potential buyers?

Include maintenance records, service history, user manuals, and any warranty information if applicable.