The power use increases with each passing day for businesses or residential purposes. Business premises need constant day-to-day operations. Due to the latter, it is important to check and read a guide to avoiding generator failure so as not disrupt productivity during an emergency or in other times of need.

Generator Failure

As the leading supplier of Cummins kta38, we have listed five items a guide to avoiding generator failure

#1 When the generator leaks coolant:

One of the top elements to consider is a coolant leak in your generator. If you neglect a leak it can lead to a generator failure. Eventually, when your generator equipment is low on coolant, your generator is liable to shut down. Regular upkeep is essential to keep the coolant at an optimal level. It is advised to hire skilled professionals to inspect your generator for leaks at regular intervals for preventing the failure of your generator unit.

#2 Starting batteries:

Another reason for generator failure can be a dead battery. One of the top reasons for standby power system failure is the batteries not being fully charged. Lead-acid based batteries tend to deteriorate over time. Therefore, it is a good reason to keep your battery charged and test your generator from time to time. Appropriate inspection and upkeep of your battery are necessary to prevent gen-set failures. It’s a good idea when purchasing a generator, to select one of the top brands of gen-sets such as the Kohler diesel generator, Blue Star, etc.

#3 Empty fuel tank:

Another reason for generator failure is a fuel tank. Just like any vehicle needs fuel to run, this too is true for your generator. Without fuel, you cannot run your gen set. You need to regularly inspect your generator’s fuel, check for proper fuel gauge levels and make sure that you have the proper level of fuel for your generators tank. Be sure that the level of fuel has not depleted with time, and likewise, be sure not to overfill the tank.  Over fueling or depleted fuel can render your generator useless.

#4 Wet stack:

Wet stacking is also one of the leading issues that can cause gen-set failure. If you are looking a the generator unit that operates on a load, then the best Genset to purchase is commercial gen set. They are also great for running at 70% to 80% range on output. When the business gen-set operates at a reduced level than the rated output level or unavailability of load, the engine begins to over-fuel and also harms the engine. Make sure to check for wet stacking regularly or have an experienced technician take a look for you. We provide top brands of gen-sets such as Kohler, Caterpillar 3516 c generator, Cummins, etc., which you can choose as per your requirement.

Summing Up:

As mentioned above, these tips are essential to consider for preventing the failure of your gen set. If you want to buy a new generator unit, then feel free to contact us. We will assist you further in choosing the right gen set as per your need and requirement. We also provide diesel portable generator and natural gas gen-set of different brands.

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