Buying and installing a new or used diesel generator for sale can be a big and tedious job. Hence, be sure that you know all the facts before you buy a new generator.

Only if you have an engineering degree, we can be sure that you can understand the working of industrial generators. However, the lack of such knowledge might not be a disadvantage on a daily basis, when securing a quality industrial generator for your business. A good generator dealer will be able to guide you with this information. After which the process of buying and installing would be a seamless process for you.


At Central States Diesel Generators, we have a huge stock of portable diesel generator designed to meet any need. We have a passionate crew with years of experience who are ready to help your used industrial generators for sale.

Make a conscious decision by buying more (or less) than you need.

We at Central States Diesel Generators have busted some myths about industrial generators, here are they:

# 1 Myth: It’s Important to Keep all the Lights switched on During an Outage

Depending on which industry you call your own, the number of things you need to keep up and running when the lights go out is going to vary. Retail stores will want to make sure that walkways are lit and that their billing machines don’t keep customers waiting. Restaurants will do all to keep their refrigerators running. And, high-tech industries will need to ensure their servers don’t skip a beat.

The point is that while your generator will need to keep some items online for you, but not everything needs to have full power in the event of a power outage.

# 2 Myth: Size Doesn’t Matter

Once you’ve outlined the aspects of your business that are absolutely necessary during an outage, it’s time to think about the size of the gen-set. Choosing the apt generator can impact everything from the life of the generator to the personal safety of you and your employees. Size of the gen-set will depend on the power needs, available space and other factors specific to your needs and location.

# 3 Myth: All Generator Fuels Are the Same

Modern generators can be run by a wide variety of fuels, from gasoline and diesel to propane and biofuels. While you might think that it doesn’t matter what’s powering your generator, the type of fuel that your genset runs on is a big consideration.

For instance, Gasoline is the most commonly used fuel however, diesel is less expensive in the long term. On the other hand, Propane has a long shelf-life. Depending on your needs and the frequency with which you use your industrial generator, fuel can be one of the most important things to think about when purchasing a generator.

Generator Power rating

# 4 Myth: Generators Largely Don’t Require Maintenance

Avoid neglecting your genset. That’s the easiest way to have it fail when you need it most. Fortunately, you can rely on the skilled professionals working at Central States Diesel Generators To put your generator up and running, if it ever fails you. And, being dealers we can vouch that used caterpillar generators for sale can be a good worth for your money because they are low maintenance.

# 5 Myth: Installing an Industrial Gen-set is a Do-It-Yourself Project

Well, technically you can install your own industrial generator. Proper placement and setup is a technical and electrical process that requires an understanding of commercial electricity. Considering the importance of a generator to your business, your best bet is to have your generator installed by an electrical contractor. A professional team with generator experience will ensure that everything is working properly.

# 6 Myth: Gen-sets are not reliable

A general notion is that generators (diesel), whether on hire or new, can break down very frequently. They splutter to ignite, need repair all the time or come with faulty parts. Rumors swell like wildfires, painting the generator suppliers in a bad light.

Any generator supplying company that cares about its customers will always take the time to check all generators and parts. They will ensure that the equipments are fully functioning and ready to be used as a backup power source. Latest specifications must always be at the forefront and low mileage on the clock. If you’ve had a bad experience when hiring or purchasing a generator, blame the company, and not the generator.


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