When considering a power source, whether primary or standby, diesel generators take the lead. As a decision maker, choosing a diesel generator is a big step. And it’s also a big commitment.

The main concern here is the fuel. Because fuel is the actual source of power. And the generator is the tool that’ll convert that fuel to energy.

So, before you settle for a diesel generator, it’s imperative to know what it can offer to you.

Medium Level Maintenance

Large companies prefer to have a diesel generator because it’s easy to maintain. They want a power source that works in silence and doesn’t cause much grief.

The engine of a diesel generator has a simpler design that works efficiently. It requires the least maintenance compared to gasoline generators. It has fewer parts, and therefore, less maintenance is required.

There’s no need to replace or rebuild engine parts. The costs of replacing a damaged part is also lower than other types of generators. They’re simply reliable.


Another reason that large companies choose diesel generators is the durability factor.

Diesel generators have a strong casing that makes them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Weather conditions don’t affect the operation of the engine. So, diesel generators live longer than the alternatives.

Operating a diesel generator requires less hands. When it comes to cleaning, it’s a simple process because dieter generators have few uncovered parts. And the crucial parts are well-protected from the outside environment.

Diesel generator

Uninterrupted Power Source

Diesel generators won’t stop when you need them the most. In mission critical situations, they keep providing the power source you need. You can plug and play without interrupting your work. Whether as a primary or secondary power source, diesel generators are easy to start. With minimal energy loss, they’ll keep your operations up and running for an extended period of time.

For example, a hospital can protect its intensive care unit by installing a diesel generator. When every second counts, that could mean the difference between life and death.

Economic Fuel Use

Fuel is the main factor that distinguish diesel generators from others. Diesel generators use less fuel while generating more energy output. The cost of diesel as a fuel might be slightly higher than gas. But diesel generators use less fuel and give more energy. You can generate more energy with less fuel both on the short and long term.

What’s more, diesel is safer to store than gasoline. Diesel is safer than gas because it’s less flammable. It doesn’t ignite as quickly, and you can store it for a longer time without degrading its quality.

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Enhanced Energy Output

Diesel generators provide two power modes. You can run them at the normal level when you need enough energy for your usual operations. In case of increased demand in energy, you can turn it up to get maximum energy output.

This feature is both energy and cost-effective. Because energy use won’t be at the same level all the time.

Sometimes, you need extra juice from your power source. You can get it with a diesel generator for longer periods of time when you need it the most.

That’s why they work perfectly in remote areas where you need that extra push.


According to Industrial Motor Power Corporation, diesel generators have an average life expectancy of 10,000 to 30,000 hours of use. It means 20-25 years of usage. A well-maintained diesel generator can live more than that.

While that’s the average life expectancy, diesel generators do outlast other generators. If you’re going to use your diesel generator non-stop that number may vary. But if it’s a standby generator, expect to have it much longer.

Cost Efficiency

The upfront costs of installing a diesel generator might be higher than average. But on the long-term, they cost less to maintain. Large companies don’t want to keep paying to maintain their power generators. Instead, they want to pay the initial costs and cut on maintenance costs.

Diesel generators satisfy that need. It’s like choosing between buying a used car that requires regular maintenance or a brand new one that’ll cost less to maintain. Something similar.

Easy To Operate

Modern units have a digital interface that provide complete monitoring, protection, and functionality.

That way, you can get the performance log at a glance.

You can also configure them to work on specific hours, produce your desired amount of electricity, and scheduled maintenance.

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Diesel Generator FAQ

Q: Why are diesel generators better than gas?

A: Fuel is key. While diesel is more expensive, it gives more density of energy than gas. So, you can expect your diesel generator to generate more energy with less fuel. In the long run, it’s more cost-effective.

Q: What amount of energy will a diesel generator generate?

A: It depends on the model of the generator, and its load factor. An average diesel generator can produce $1-$40 per kWh. The most a diesel generator can produce is 15kW. A solar-powered diesel generator is about 12%. If you want an average of 12kW, you’ll need a 100 kW generator.

Q: How long can a diesel generator keep going?

A: As long as you keep providing it with fuel, a diesel generator will keep running. Standby generators don’t need fuel because they run on natural gas. They can run up to 24 hours, but you need to keep your eyes on them.

Q: What do with an overheating diesel generator?

A: You may try changing the oil filter. You can also try adding cooling water if your generator supports it. If it’s a recurring problem, call a service technician to do an inspection.

Q: What weather conditions will a diesel generator tolerate?

A: Diesel generators are made to withstand extreme weather conditions. However, you should never place it under rain or snow. Water will damage the electronics and may cause hazardous accidents.