Commercial and industrial diesel generators are the heroes behind keeping critical operations and businesses powered even during emergency situations. Over the years, diesel generators have become technologically advanced, going past whatever shortcomings they would have had earlier. Today, they come with a long shelf life with minimum maintenance costs. Not just that, they are reliable, durable, robust in their built, safe, easy to use and fuel and cost economical. All these factors make them a must-have for businesses of all kinds – small, big and large. 

They are also available in various sizes and power outputs. So, choosing the right diesel generator can become quite a difficult choice if you don’t know which one will exactly fit your requirements. To start with, you must look at your power needs. The more power and duration of supply you need, the higher kw generator you must look for. For most applications requiring higher power output, a 1500 kw diesel generator would make for a perfect fit. 

Having said that, there are several 1500 kw diesel generators available in the market. They come with different features, manufactured by different brands and you can opt for the best product that suits your needs. To make things easy for you, we have put together a list of the top 5 1500 kw generators for sale that you can look into before making a purchase. 

Top 5 1500 kw Generators for Sale

Be it Cummins, Katolight, or Caterpillar, all these brands are known for their reliable products that guarantee complete worth for your money. Here are our top picks:

1) New Cummins DQGAB QSK50-G4 NR2 Diesel Generator

Cummins generators are synonymous with high-quality performance, and the same is the case with the New Cummins DQGAB QSK50-G4 NR2 Diesel Generator. Its 1500 kw QSK50-G4 NR2 engine provides heavy-duty power backup even in the most challenging conditions. It’s dual coolant heaters and open power unit engine-driven radiators enhance its performance. No wonder this generator is one of the most popular in the 1500 kw category.

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Product Description:

Cummins QSK50-G4 NR2 engine, EPA Tier 2 emissions, 4 wire non-reconnectable to other voltages, IBC seismic certification, PowerCommand 3.3 paralleling digital control panel. 

Dimensions 79W x 235L x 112H, 25,330 lbs.


  • High-end technology
  • Cummins’ quality guarantee 
  • High class performance and low operation cost 

Buy here :–0-hrs–epa-tier-2-*****eta-june-23–2023*****-4060.html

2) Used Katolight D1600FRX4 Diesel Generator (1600 kw variant)

When it comes to emergency power supply units, there are no beating Katolight generators. Bringing efficient power and performance to its generators by using Cummins, Caterpillar and other renowned branded engines, Katolight generators have remained a mainstay in the alternate power supply industry. While their new pieces are efficient and affordable, their used pieces are equally efficient as is the case with this used Katolight D1600FRX4 Diesel Generator. With a run time of just 600 hours, it makes for a great purchase.

Product Description:

MTU 12V4000 engine, 2500 Amp, PMG, Battery charger, Coolant heater, Sound attenuated enclosure, UL listed sub-base fuel tank. This used generator comes with a run time of 600 hours.

Dimensions 144W x 420L x 162H, 56,000 lbs.

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3) Used Cummins DFLC KTA50-G3 Diesel Generator (1250 kw variant)

Cummins GeneratorA comprehensive unit in terms of both providing strong power backup as well as being efficient and cost-effective, the used Cummins DFLC KTA50-G3 Diesel Generator (1250 kw variant) is a complete solution to all your alternate power needs. A run time of just 771 hours makes it just as good as a new product as the Cummins engine is known for its long shelf life. 

Product Description:

Cummins KTA50-G3 engine, 2000 Amp main-line circuit breaker, PMG, PowerCommand digital control panel, Dual coolant heaters, Open power unit with engine-driven radiator.

Dimensions 90W x 222L x 100H, 24,000 lbs.


  • Quiet, powerful, and efficient 
  • High performing engine for prolonged power supply 
  • Suitable for a variety of applications 

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4) Used Cummins DFLC KTA50-G3 Diesel Generator (1250 kw variant)

1500 kw generator

There is a reason why a lot of businesses opt to go for used generators. The market is rife with several options where these powerful units come with limited and short run time like this used Cummins DFLC KTA50-G3 Diesel Generator. A run time of just 66 hours means you can expect a high-quality performance that a new product delivers. The added advantage is its affordability.

Product Description:

Cummins KTA50-G3 engine, 2000 Amp main-line circuit breaker, PMG, PowerCommand digital control panel, Dual coolant heaters, Open power unit with engine driven radiator.

Dimensions 90W x 222L x 100H, 24,000 lbs.


  • Reliable engine 
  • Affordable and durable 
  • Fuel efficient performance 

Buy here:–66-hrs-4083.html

5) New Caterpillar C32 Diesel Generator (1000 kw variant) 

1500 kw generator

The CAT diesel generators are globally renowned for their high end technology and durable performance. If your requirement is an all-weather, tough-condition usage, then this can be the perfect choice in the medium range capacity category. The new Caterpillar C32 Diesel Generator with a 1000 kw engine packs a powerful punch and delivers a great performance. 

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Product Description:

CAT C32 engine, EPA Tier 2 emissions, 1600 Amp electrically operated main-line circuit breaker, EMCP 4.4 paralleling digital control panel. EnerGenius battery charger 10 Amp. Coolant heater. Open power unit with engine driven radiator.

Dimensions 72W x 180L x 96H on 6H blocks, 15,630 lbs, parts box 1 – 29W x 52L x 25H, 234 lbs, parts box 2 – 20W x 26L x 16H, 276 lbs. 

Power Generator

Choosing the right generator for your commercial or industrial establishment is an important decision. It will ensure that your operations remain running in case of an emergency, power outage or tough weather conditions. The 1500 kw diesel generators are known for their powerful performance and this list of the top 5 1500 kw (with variants included) for sale gives you the right options to select from. 

Whether you choose a new generator or a used unit, CS Diesel Generators provide plenty of options in all categories. Our timely and dedicated services and authentic and wide range of products make us an industry leader. Contact us for any kind of assistance while purchasing a 1500 kw diesel generator. 

Buy here :

1500 kw generator list Price Availability
New Cummins QSK50-G4 Call for price Sale pending
Used Katolight D1600FRX4 Call for price Coming In
Used Cummins DFLC KTA50-G3 Call for price Coming in
Used Cummins DFLC KTA50-G3 $205,900 Yes
New Caterpillar C32 $269, 900 Yes

Frequently Asked Questions About 1500 kw diesel generators

1) Are 1500 kw generators good?

Diesel generators are the lifeline of industrial and commercial units across the world as they provide durable and reliable power support in tough conditions. The 1500 kw diesel generators are known for their powerful and heavy-duty support and lending continuous power supply easily for more than 10 hours at a stretch. Their size and strength make them a must-have for big setups with high power needs. Amongst heavy-duty variants available in the market, 1500 kw generators are preferred for their performance and affordability.

2) How much fuel do 1500 kw diesel generators consume and how big are they?

The fuel consumption of most diesel generators depends on their operational load. Likewise, the size depends on the model and manufacturer. They are available in different sizes and can be mounted differently as prescribed by their manufacturer.

3) What is the life expectancy of a diesel generator?

A generator’s shelf life is an important factor to delve into. This could vary depending on factors like its size, maintenance, its brand and quality and environmental conditions. Generator sizing is another important factor for its life expectancy, which is why it is advisable to use 90% of its load capacity for a longer life expectancy.