Today’s business landscape is such that you need a continuous power supply in order to meet your business and production needs. This is why diesel generators that are reliable, powerful, cost-effective and robust have become such an integral part of any business unit. Their presence means that your business will never have to face any stoppage in case of a power outage. 

However, diesel generators come in all sizes and power outputs. You need to choose the one that suits your business requirements. If continuous power supply with plenty of support is what your business needs are, then 350 kw diesel generators are just perfect for you. These are affordable, there are plenty of options to choose from and you can rely on their performance. 

Once you zero down on buying a 350 kw diesel generator, which model and make you choose can become a daunting task. With so many options available in the market, it is confusion aplenty. But we will make your task easy as we list down the top ten 350 kw generators for sale. Pick the one that suits your budget and requirements. 

Top 10 350 kw Diesel Generators for Sale

The diesel generators available in the market today are highly efficient. Whether you buy a new piece or a used one, they provide an equally satisfying performance. 

1) Used Caterpillar 3406 Diesel Generator
Caterpillar generator–499-hrs-3918.html

Caterpillar diesel generators have been around for decades. Their reliability, high performance, and durability have made them highly desirable in various industries. Such is their power that even the used generators are just as effective as new ones. This used Caterpillar 3406 Diesel Generator with a run time of 499 hours is high on performance and capable of fulfilling all your business needs. 

Product Description:

Caterpillar engine, 519 HP, VOLTAGE: 277/480 with Open Power Unit enclosure. PMG with EMCP II plus digital control panel, sens battery charger and coolant heater.

Dimensions W x L x H on 6H blocks, 7500 lbs. PM serviced 2/9/2023. 


  • One of the quietest diesel generators 
  • Strong performance and power supply 
  • Enhance capacity and engine functionality 

2) New Caterpillar C13 Diesel Generator

Caterpillar generator***eta-may-26–2023***-3812.html

The Caterpillar C13 diesel generators have been specially designed for mission-critical, standby and prime applications, delivering a highly efficient performance in varied settings. This generator is low on fuel consumption and comes with EU Stage IIIA Non-road Emission Standards Emissions / Fuel Strategy. 

Product Description:

CAT C13 engine, EPA Tier 3 emissions, 600 Amp main-line circuit breaker, Engine cooling radiator, GCCP1.2 digital control panel, Coolant heater. Sound attenuated enclosure and 674 gallons UL142 fuel tank. 

Dimensions 65W x 190L x 110H on 6H blocks, 10,580 lbs.


  • Compliant with the highest industry standards 
  • High on performance 
  • Low on maintenance 

3) Used Caterpillar C15 Diesel Generator

Caterpillar generator

High on features that provide the convenience of operations and deliver high-quality performance, the C15 is a total value-for-money purchase for your business power needs. Its 546 HP engine packs a powerful punch and a suitable size making it easy to instal and use. It complies with the industry standard emissions too. This used C15 comes with a run time of just 128 hours, making it as good as a new one. 

Product Description:

CAT C15 engine, EPA Tier 3 emissions, 12 lead reconnectable to other voltages, PMG and EMCP 3.2 digital control panel. Sens battery charger 10 Amp. Coolant heater. Sound attenuated enclosure. 660 gallon fuel tank. 

Dimensions 71W x 229L x 94H on 6H blocks, 13,000 lbs. 


  • Reliability of a CAT generator
  • Powerful engine, emission compliant 
  • Increased storage capacity

4) Used Magnum Terex T360C Rental Grade Diesel Generator (352 kw variant)


Another gem by Cummins, the Magnu Terex T360C is one of the most desirable products for varied industrial and commercial usage. Its 470 HP power is enough to provide suitable power backup, and its coolant heaters and 72 (dB(A) @ 23′ prime power sound attenuation enclosure makes it a delight to use. This used piece comes with a run time of 10073 but still delivers an enviable performance. 

Product Description:

Cummins QSM11-G4 engine, EPA Tier 3 emissions, 1200 Amp main-line circuit breaker, PMG, Battery charger and 400 gallon mounted fuel tank. 

Dimensions 84W x 247L x 112H, 17,000 lbs. 


  • Enhanced fuel economy 
  • Long lifespan, low maintenance cost 
  • Powerful, dependable and reliable

5) Used Multiquip DCA-400SSV Rental Grade Diesel Generator

Known for their unsurpassable quality, reliability and efficiency, Multiquip diesel generators are widely used in various industrial applications. The Multiquip’s DCA-400SSV Rental Grade Diesel Generator is a complete worth for your money choice. This used model comes with a run time of 5366 hours and still makes for an ideal choice for your business. 

Product Description:

Volvo Penta engine, Main line circuit breaker, Battery charger, Coolant heater, Sound attenuated enclosure, w/129 gallon belly fuel tank.

Dimensions 92W x 264L x 120H, 14000 lbs . 

Diesel Generator


  • Delivering reliable power 
  • Seamless performance in demanding applications 
  • One of the quietest performers 

Buy here:–5366-hrs-4064.html

6) Used Doosan / Cummins G450 Rental Grade Diesel Generator (365 kw variant)

Doosan generator–cummins-g450-rental-grade-diesel-generator–7890-hrs-epa-tier-2-3829.html

In its 125 years old history, Doosan has been a pioneer in providing portable generator sets across the world. The Doosan / Cummins G450 Rental Grade Diesel Generator comes with a powerful Cummins engine that packs a solid punch and provides long hours of continuous power supply. This generator is definitely one of the best choices you can make for your business. 

Product Description:

Cummins QSX15-G9 NR2 engine, EPA Tier 2, 800 Amp main-line circuit breaker, PMG, Battery charger, Sound attenuated enclosure, and mounted 574 gallon fuel tank. 

Dimensions 86W x 260L x 116H, 18,271 lbs. 


  • Highly advanced technology 
  • Reliable and durable performance 
  • Continuous modernization of products 

7) New Caterpillar C9 Diesel Generator (300 kw variant)

CAT generator

Every CAT generator comes with its signature style reliability and power that can deliver continuous and unwavering support to any industrial establishment. This new Caterpillar C9 diesel generator comes with a powerful CAT C9 engine that delivers phenomenal performance and its digital controls and sound attenuation enclosures ensure smooth functioning. 

Product Description:

CAT C9 engine rated 436, 12 lead reconnectable to other voltages, 600 Amp main-line circuit breaker, EnerGenius battery charger, Coolant heater, GCCP1.2 digital control panel, Sound attenuated enclosure.


  • Reliable, durable and rugged design
  • Proven track record in different applications 
  • Consistent performance with high fuel efficiency

8) New Kohler 300REOZJ John Deere 6090HFG86 Diesel Generator (300 kw variant)Kohler Generator–0-hrs–epa-tier-3-4072.html

Kohler has been one of the main sources of reliable alternate power for more than 100 years. Its durable products make the brand popular amongst homeowners, businesses and even contractors. The New Kohler 300REOZJ John Deere 6090HFG86 Diesel Generator comes with a John Deere engine that enhances its performance. 

Product Description: 

John Deere 6090HFG86 engine, EPA Tier 3 emissions, 12 lead reconnectable to other voltages, 800 Amp 100 % rated main-line circuit breaker, PMG, Engine cooling radiator, APM603 digital control panel, Battery charger, Open power unit.

Dimensions 57W x 156L x 98H, 7904 lbs. 


  • Easy to operate 
  • Extended shelf life 
  • Industry level compliance 

9) Used Magnum MMG320 Rental Grade Diesel Generator (278 kw variant)–435-hrs–epa-tier-3-flex-4059.html

A product of Generac Power Systems, the Magnum line of generators provides powerful, high quality and mobile generators. These are often used in a wide variety of industrial and commercial setups including construction, energy, mining, government, military, and special events. The Used Magnum MMG320 Rental Grade Diesel Generator is one of Magnum’s most premium products that deliver a satisfactory performance. 

Product Description: 

John Deere engine, EPA Tier 3 flex emissions, 1200 Amp main-line circuit breaker, PMG, Battery charger, Coolant heater, Aluminum sound attenuated enclosure.

Dimensions 52W x 230L x 115H on 6H blocks, 10,000 lbs. 


  • Safe and reliable
  • Manufactured with all local compliances in mind 
  • Enhanced safety in operations

10) Used Kohler 275REOZD Diesel Generator (275 kw variant)Kohler generator–103-hrs-4056.html

What sets Kohler generators apart is their fuel efficiency despite the kind of power they generate. This feature enhances its overall cost and gives you complete worth to your money spent. This Used Kohler 275REOZD Diesel Generator with a run time of 103 hours is just as good as a new generator set. If you wish to own a standby generator to fulfill all your business needs, this is the one for you. 

Product Description:

Detroit Diesel Series 60 12.7L engine, 12 lead reconnectable to other voltages, 400 Amp Main-line circuit breakers, PMG, 16 light control panel, Battery charger, Coolant heater.

Dimensions 50W x 135L x 130H + 6H blocks, 9,500 lbs.

When it comes to buying 350 kw diesel generators, there are several options and all of them are equally good. Check our list of the top 10 350 kw diesel generators for sale to make the best choice. 

350 kw generator list Price Availability
Used Caterpillar 3406 $39,900 Yes
New Caterpillar C13 $106,900 Coming in
Used Caterpillar C15 $79,500 Yes
Used Magnum Terex T360C $79,500 Yes
Used Multiquip DCA-400SSV Call for price Yes
Used Doosan / Cummins G450 $99,500 Yes
New Caterpillar C9 $99,900 Yes
New Kohler 300REOZJ $64,500 Yes
Used Magnum MMG320 $89,500 Yes
Used Kohler 275REOZD $32,900 Sale pending

Frequently Asked Questions About 350 kw diesel generators

1) Which brands manufacture 350 kw diesel generators and which ones are the best?

Most renowned diesel generator manufacturers, including Cummins, Caterpillar, Kohler and Generac, produce 350 kw diesel generators. These come with different specifications, features and power variants. You must thoroughly understand the features to make a sound decision.

2) Are 350 kw diesel generators good for my business or commercial/industrial unit?

350 kw generators are efficient and effective depending on your power needs. Unlike huge industrial plants that require heavy-duty support and long hours of the alternate power, most other establishments can be powered by 350 kw diesel generators.

3) Which 350 diesel generator is the best?

Today, most companies comply with the highest industry standards of performance and safety, making each of their products efficient and effective. Our list of the top 10 350 diesel generators for sale will also help you select the best available in the market. We, at CS Diesel Generators, are pioneers in providing a wide range of new and used generators. Our prompt and dedicated services help you make a smart choice.