Today, powerful generators are enabling medium and large-scale residential and business establishments to function efficiently. A lot is at stake due to a growing number of power cuts and blackouts. They increase vulnerability to cyber attacks, disrupted operations, compromised safety, and loss of revenues.

But technological advances have enabled the production of duel fuel generators, also known as hybrid devices. Their popularity stems from being able to function on two types of fuel. For instance, natural gas and diesel or gasoline and natural gas. 

Here’s a snapshot of the top 10 dual-fuel portable generators. 

Portable Generator

Top 10 Hybrid Fuel Generators

Champion 7500-Watt Dual Fuel


  • The intelligauge displays important information 
  • It’s easy to start


  • Tends to be noisy
  • It has an average run time 

This mid-size dual-fuel generator is a user-friendly device. It can run for around eight hours on gasoline at 50% load while running for about five and a half hours at half load on propane. It comes with an electric starter and a cold start method. The Intelligauge helps you keep a tab on operation time and output voltage. It also delivers maintenance reminders. 

Pulsar 10,000 Watt with Switch & Go Technology



  • Output may be unstable
  • May experience a faulty electrical start

This generator has a high output and can be operational for up to 12 hours. As one fuel runs out, you can switch to an alternate fuel without turning the system off, courtesy of the Switch & Go development system. The four 120v power outlets let you plug in many electrical appliances simultaneously. It is competitively priced and is a value-for-money buy. 

DuroMax XP1200EH with Push Start


  • High output of 12,000 watts 
  • Able to run 120 volts and 240 outlets simultaneously
  • The idle control feature saves fuel 


  • Noisy 

This generator is built for heavy loads. It offers peak power of 12,000 watts on gasoline and 11,400 watts on propane and can run for between nine and seven hours. It can power an entire building during a power outage and high-amperage power tools. It has a robust steel structure and tires to weather all terrains. It comes with an MX2 switch that helps switch from 120 volts to 240 volts. 

Ford 7750PBE with Switch & Go Technology


  • Robust and durable product 
  • Decent run time


  • Generates noise

This generator by Ford is high in quality, reliable, and fuel-efficient. It comes with a robust steel structure, folding handles and wide wheels. On a half load, it can deliver a run time of ten hours on gasoline and eight hours on LPG. Switch & Go capabilities help you shift fuels without turning off the system. It also comes with an easy-to-use push start.

Firman H03651 CARB & CETL Certified


  • Lower price range
  • Decent run time
  • Value for money 


  • Less output
  • Fewer power outlets
  • Not packaged as well

This generator comes with a five-gallon tank that can run for up to 14 hours on gas or propane. It comes with never-flat tires, is lighter than other generators, and has a foldable handle, which makes it easy to move and store away. 

Westinghouse WGen3600DF


  • An affordable price range 
  • Higher run time
  • The capacity of 3600 watts 
  • Options for wireless remote start


  • Large in size
  • Potential for a faulty battery

This high-capacity, user-friendly generator has a wireless remote start option, offering more convenience. It has a high level of fuel efficiency. It delivers an operation run time of 18 and 11 hours on gasoline and propane, respectively. It follows the switch & Go method with an electrical start and simple maintenance. 

Champion 3400 Watts


  • Compact design with good capacity
  • Relatively quiet
  • Long run time on propane 


  • Higher price range

This is another powerful Champion generator. It comes with a capacity of 3400 watts, which is usually delivered by generators of a much larger size. It has a run time of seven hours on gasoline and 14 hours on just 20 lbs of propane. 



  • Competitively priced and on the lower side 
  • Good portability
  • Feature-rich 


  • Display limitations 
  • Fewer power outlets

This highly portable generator is great for powering devices in an RV or to carry on a camping trip. It has a capacity of 4750 watts and is a very affordable option. It delivers a run time of 11 and 7 hours on gasoline and propane, respectively. It comes with never-flat tires, electric start, folding handles, accessible customer service, a fuel-kind switch, and a two-year guarantee. 

Hybrid generator

DuroMax XP2000EH


  • Weighs just 47 pounds and is highly portable
  • Longer run time on propane
  • Low decibel levels


  • Low capacity of just 2000 watts 
  • Limited run time on gasoline

This is a good choice when energy requirements are limited and you want a highly portable generator. The gasoline tank is fairly small; hence, limited run time on gasoline. However, the propane output lasts up to 21 hours. 

DuroStar Hybrid Dual Fuel DS10000EH


  • Higher capacity of 10,000 watts 
  • Higher fuel efficiency


  • Noisy
  • Relatively heavy 

This generator can be used for both heavy applications as well as a power backup for a facility. It can continue to operate for 8 and 10 hours on propane and gasoline, respectively. The MX2 switch enables doubling the 120-volt energy outlet for higher loads. 240 and 120 volts can be operated simultaneously, which is valuable when connecting multiple instruments. This is not the most portable option. 


Choose generators based on your power consumption needs. However, going for one that delivers 20% more than you anticipate is advisable. This ensures you do not run out if the power outage continues longer than expected. The portability, dual fuel, and easy start capabilities give all these generators a competitive edge. 

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FAQs about Portable Hybrid Generators 

What is a dual-fuel or hybrid generator?

A generator that can run on two types of fuels. For instance, your generator may have the capability to run on natural gas or diesel. Other types of fuel used include propane and gasoline. 

What are the benefits of using a dual-fuel generator? 

The key benefit of using a dual-fuel generator is that when one type of fuel runs out, the generator can switch to the second time. This is a valuable feature, especially during natural disasters, when the availability of one type of fuel may be disrupted. 

What is the remote start option, and its benefits?

This option enables you to start the generator from any location. It provides convenience and speed to starting the generator during a power cut or blackout. It’s also a safe option during natural disasters. 

How much power backup does my establishment need?

Power backup capabilities depend upon the amount of power consumed. Calculate the approximate consumption within, say, a 10 to 12-hour span, and invest in a generator that meets at least 20 % more than those needs.