Generators are gaining popularity with the increasing energy needs. What was once a product that exclusively catered to business establishments and industries now has a place in every household. Besides being divided by capacity, usage, and price, these generators are also separated by fuel type. Diesel generators are the most popular in the generator market.

Why Are Kohler Generators Popular?

Kohler Generators is one of the most popular players in the diesel generator market worldwide. Founded in 1873 in Wisconsin, USA, Kohler became one of the strongest players in the diesel generator space with the acquisition of SDMO (Société de Distribution des Moteurs de l’Ouest). Kohler generators have operations in over 800 locations worldwide and manufacture generators that cover multiple segments. 

Kohler generators have a wide price range based on their usage. Based on the power generation capacity, a standby generator could cost you anything from around $7,500 to $35,255. Whereas a portable generator costs around $1,000 – $5,000. 

Why Do You Need A Generator?

Generators are a great way to ensure an uninterrupted power supply for all your needs. Generators at home help you stay connected with the world, have your lights and heating systems running, and work without interruptions. 

In a professional setting, it helps you conduct business without interruptions, provide better customer service, and ensure data security. In industry, it allows you to continue operating heavy machinery without interruptions from power fluctuations. 

In short, a generator ensures the continuity of life and activity even during a power grid failure. 

Why Should You Buy a Kohler Generator?

Generators are your savior during a power shutdown or a blackout. So, it is a no-brainer that the generator you buy should be reliable, sturdy, and function even in adverse climates like storms and hurricanes. 

Kohler has been a generator manufacturer for over a century, making it a reliable player. With a strong understanding of generator needs, uses, and challenges, Kohler has developed generators with commercial-grade engines, ensuring they can withstand extreme weather and usage.

When you buy a good-quality generator from a reliable manufacturer, you can be sure it will last several years. All you need to do is invest in regular maintenance of the equipment.

Kohler Generator

How Does a Kohler Generator Work?

Kohler generators come with an inbuilt Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS). When there is an interruption in your regular power supply, the generator senses it and switches the electricity source in no less than ten seconds. Thus, you barely notice the power cut and always have an uninterrupted power supply.  

Kohler Generators: Evaluating the Advantages and Disadvantages

Kohler generators are known for their quality and reliability. However, like any other product, they have pros and cons. Read on to learn all about the advantages and disadvantages of a Kohler generator before making a buying decision.

Advantages of Kohler Generator

  • Durable: Kohler generators are built to last. They could last over two decades with proper maintenance.
  • Multiple Options: You could pick a Kohler generator model based on your power needs. Available in various sizes, it can power anything from just the essential appliances to running your entire home during an outage.
  • Fuel Options: Based on your budget and preferences, you can choose from multiple fuel options, such as propane, natural gas, or diesel generators.

Disadvantages of a Kohler Generator

  • Expensive: Kohler generators are expensive, especially for standby (home backup) models with higher power outputs.
  • Installation Costs: Kohler generators require professional installation. Thus increasing your budget by adding to the overall costs.
  • Maintenance Requirements: Kohler generators have a long lifespan, so you must invest in regular maintenance. Only then can you be sure of their optimal performance and durability.  

New Generator vs. Old: Which One Is Right for You?

Once you decide to buy a generator, pick the fuel type, and choose the capacity, the next big question pops up. Should you buy a new or used generator? The answer to this question could depend on multiple factors. 

Used generators are cheaper than new ones, but only if they are less than five years old. Otherwise, you would spend the difference on restorations, repairs, and maintenance. Used generators have a shorter wait time than the new ones. 

You should go for a used generator if you need one without a wait time and within a limited budget. However, if you need a generator with a warranty and lesser maintenance, you should buy a new generator.

Are you unsure whether you should buy a new or used generator? Talk to your peers and generator dealers to determine what best fits your needs. 

Where to Buy Kohler Generator?

Authorized generator dealers and online retailers are the best places to purchase Kohler generators. For instance, if you are in Wisconsin, Central States Diesel Generators, LLC can provide you with expert advice, recommend suitable models, and handle the installation of your Kohler generators. 

Central States Diesel Generators has a vast list of used and new Kohler generators. You can pick one based on your budget, capacity, fuel type, used/new, etc.

Kohler generator

Five Most Popular Kohler Generators

  • Used Kohler 2000REOZMB Diesel Generator, 1182 Hrs, EPA Tier 2, 2000 KW

This diesel generator can produce 2000 KW of electricity. The Mitsubishi engine generator set comes with a sound-attenuated enclosure and costs $399,500. 

 Product Link:–1182-hrs–epa-tier-2-3924.html

  • Used Kohler450REOZDD Detroit Diesel Series 60 14L Diesel Generator, 707 Hrs, EPA Tier 3, 450 KW:

If you are looking for a used diesel generator with a lower capacity, here is the perfect model for you. Costing $79,500, this generator can produce 450 KW of electricity on full capacity. It has a Detroit Diesel engine and is ideal for basic home needs. 

Product Link:–707-hrs–epa-tier-3-4168.html

  • New Kohler 300REOZJ John Deere 6090HFG86 Diesel Generator, 0 Hrs, EPA Tier 3, 300 KW

If you are looking for a low-capacity diesel generator, this reliable John Deere engine generator with an open power unit and an engine-driven radiator is a good choice. It has a capacity of 300 KW and costs $64,500. 

Product Link:–0-hrs–epa-tier-3-4072.html

  • Used Kohler 800REOZDE Diesel Generator, 285 Hrs, EPA Tier 2, 800 KW

With just 285 hours of run time, this is a great generator if you are looking for a reliable power backup solution. With a capacity of 800 KW, this equipment would cost $159,900.


Product Link:–285-hrs–epa-tier-2-4205.html

  • Used Kohler 600REOZM Diesel Generator 2 Hrs, 600 KW

If you are looking for a generator that hasn’t been used for too long, here’s the perfect deal for you. With only 2 hours of operation, this 600 kW diesel generator is practically new. This Mitsubishi engine generator is a great cost-saving deal compared to buying a brand-new one, which could cost you over $138,592.00.

Product Link:

What Are Some Frequently Asked Questions About Kohler Generators?

How Long Can A Kohler Generator Run?

A Kohler generator can run continuously for over 125 days or 3,000 hours without any challenges. 

Are Kohler Generators Loud?

Kohler generators are famous for their minimal noise pollution. Besides that, they also have specific models that come with sound-attenuated enclosures to reduce the impact of noise produced. 

What Are the Different Types of Kohler Generators?

There are three different types of generators available in Kohler based on their scope of use/capacity: 

  • Standby generators 
  • Portable generators 
  • Commercial generators