Diesel generators are the lifeline of all commercial units and industrial setups, especially heavy duty, large generators. While diesel generators come in a varied range of sizes, power and output, the 2000 kw diesel generators are ideal for large establishments that require high power output for a longer period of time. Their ability to provide long support makes them highly desirable in the global marketplace. 

These power houses are manufactured by most top brands with heightened durability, reliability, performance capabilities and cost-effectiveness. These features make 2000 kw diesel generators a top choice for industries and businesses across the world. If they are maintained and used as prescribed by the manufacturer, they can provide 24-hour continuous power support during emergency situations. 

However, they can also be affluent investments as their size and power production requirements make them more expensive than other smaller generators. Thus, it is important to choose the right 2000 kw generator that will fulfill all your business requirements while giving you the complete worth of your money spent. This is why we have put together a list of the top 5 2000 kw diesel generators that tick all the right boxes and provide a highly satisfactory performance. 

Top 5 2000 kw Generators for Sale

Today’s technology has ensured that most products available in the market are of the highest quality. This competitive marketplace also ensures that manufacturers are on their toes, providing nothing but the best. Here are our top five choices of 2000 kw diesel generators for sale. 

1) Used Kohler 2000REOZMB Diesel Generator

2000 kw Generators

Kohler generators are highly valued across the world for their reliable and efficient performance. This used Kohler 2000REOZMB Diesel Generator comes with a powerful Mitsubishi engine that enables it to produce enough alternate power to run huge industrial and commercial setups. With a run time of 1132 hours, the Kohler 2000REOZMB guarantees super support and a continuous supply of power. 

Product Description:

Mitsubishi S16R-Y2PTAW2-1 engine, EPA Tier 2 emissions, 12 lead reconnectable to other voltages, 3000 Amp main-line circuit breaker, PMG, UL2200 listed stationary engine generator assembly, Decision-Maker 550 digital control panel, Coolant heater 9000W. Sound attenuated enclosure.

Dimensions enclosure 144W x 592L x 152H, 20,000 lbs, subbase tank 162W x 592L x 26H, 29,000 lbs, generator set 109W x 254L x 122H, 36,000 lbs. 


  • Powerful engine 
  • High productivity 
  • Reliable and durable performance 

Buy here : https://csdieselgenerators.com/used-kohler-2000reozmb-diesel-generator–1132-hrs–epa-tier-2-3924.html

2) Used Caterpillar 3516B Diesel Generator

2000 kw Generators

When it comes to used diesel generators, Caterpillar generators are ranked at the top because of their long shelf life and low maintenance cost. Their robust build gives them a long life and thus they are the true market leaders in the used market space. The Caterpillar 3516B generator boasts a powerful CAT engine, which has the capability of delivering high load value. This piece comes with a run time of just 251 hours, making it just as good as a new one. 

Product Description:

CAT 3516B engine, 3000 Amp main-line circuit breaker. New ComAp InteliLite digital control panel, Dual coolant heaters, 40 ft mounted sound attenuated container and 1800 gallon fuel tank.


  • Triple axle chassis mounting makes it extremely noiseless
  • High performing battery charging 
  • Portable/ trailered diesel generator set for every kind of use

Buy here: https://csdieselgenerators.com/used-caterpillar-3516b-diesel-generator–251-hrs-4074.html

3) Used Katolight D1600FRX4 Diesel Generator (1600 kw variant)

Katolight has remained a brand to reckon with in the realm of emergency power supply units for decades. It combines powerful engines from Cummins, Caterpillar and more to put together generators that are high on performance and low on cost. This Used Katolight D1600FRX4 Diesel Generator is a signature Katolight generator with all the brand’s signature qualities, making it a perfect choice for your business needs. 

Product Description:

MTU 12V4000 engine, 2500 Amp, PMG, Battery charger, Coolant heater, Sound attenuated enclosure, UL listed sub-base fuel tank. This used generator comes with a run time of 600 hours.
Dimensions 144W x 420L x 162H, 56,000 lbs.


  • Available for various applications 
  • Constant technology upgradation 
  • High on performance, low on cost 

Buy here : https://csdieselgenerators.com/used-katolight-d1600frx4-diesel-generator–600-hrs-4075.html

4) New Cummins DQGAB QSK50-G4 NR2 Diesel Generator (1500 kw variant)

The new Cummins DQGAB QSK50-G4 NR2 generator, with a powerful Cummins engine, provides consistent and reliable performance. It comes loaded with features that amount to a highly satisfactory deliverance, suitable for all kinds of industrial and commercial setups. This powerful variant is one of the most popular Cummins products.

Product Description:

Cummins QSK50-G4 NR2 engine, 4 wire non-reconnectable to other voltages, PMG, IBC seismic certification. Cooling system, PowerCommand 3.3 paralleling digital control panel, Dual coolant heaters.

Dimensions 79W x 235L x 112H, 25,330 lbs.


  • Lower emissions, higher compliance 
  • Enhanced operational flexibility 
  • High performance, low maintenance cost 

Buy here : https://csdieselgenerators.com/new-cummins-dqgab-qsk50-g4-nr2-diesel-generator–0-hrs–epa-tier-2-*****eta-june-23–2023*****-4060.html

5) New Cummins DQFAD QST30-G5 NR2 Diesel Generator (1000 kw variant)

2000 kw Generators

A Cummins generator comes loaded with features and guarantees of Cummins quality. The New Cummins DQFAD QST30-G5 NR2 Diesel Generator has a powerful QST30-G5 engine with an enhanced engine cooling system that allows smooth functioning even in the most challenging conditions. Its robust sound attenuation enclosure ensures that it emits the least amount of noise, making it a highly desirable product in several setups. 

Product Description:

Cummins QST30-G5 NR2 engine, EPA Tier 2 emissions, 1600 Amp 100% rated main-line circuit breaker, PMG, UL 2200 listed package, PowerCommand 3.3 paralleling digital control panel, Sens battery charger.

Dimensions 101W x 327L x 143H, 35,202 lbs.


  • Available in different sizes and types 
  • Flexible and customizable 
  • High quality performance guaranteed

Buy here : https://csdieselgenerators.com/new-cummins-dqfad-qst30-g5-nr2-diesel-generator–epa-tier-2-*****eta-sept-28–2023*****-3545.html

Most large scale industrial and commercial units require solid alternate power support so that they can continue operating even during an emergency. This is why such establishments prefer 2000 kw diesel generators that are high in performance and can provide long hours of continuous power supply. Check out our list of top 5 2000 kw (with variants) diesel generators to make a sound and informed decision for purchasing a diesel generator that fulfills all your business needs while being easy on the pocket. 

At CS Diesel Generators, we provide a wide range of new and used diesel generators. Our reliable services, updated and always-available inventory and customer priority make us one of the most sought-after sellers in the USA. So, if you are looking for heavy-duty generators, Contact Us.

2000 kw generator list Price Availability
Used Kohler 2000REOZMB $399,500 Yes
Used Caterpillar 3516B $749,900 Yes
Used Katolight D1600FRX4 Call for price Coming in
New Cummins QSK50-G4 Call for price Sale pending
New Cummins QST30-G5 NR2 $299,500 Yes


Frequently Asked Questions About 2000 kw diesel generators

1) Why is it important to choose a generator of the right size?

Generators provide backup power during critical times. The last thing you need in such situations is an insufficient supply of power because you did not choose a generator of the right size. Additionally, an inappropriately sized generator can also damage your electrical system, resulting in the failure of critical facilities and security systems and non-compliance with industry standards.

2) How can I know if I need a 2000 kw diesel generator?

Some of the things you must look at include the size of your establishment and the number of equipment you need to power, single, double or three-phase power voltage system, full load capacity, starting and running load, etc. If your energy needs are on the higher side, having a 2000 kw generator is the right choice.

3) Which 2000 kw brand of diesel generator is best for me?

The 2000 kw diesel generators are available in the market are manufactured by the top global brands that comply with the highest standards of quality and performance. You can choose the model that fits your requirements the most.