OSHPD is an acronym for Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development, a group by government authorities for California. It is in charge of all kinds of safety regulations for hospital buildings, financial assistance to health-related institutes, healthcare data collection and more.

The state of California is prone to several natural disasters, especially earthquakes. These natural calamities have shaped the emergence and implementation of stringent safety regulations for buildings, especially healthcare buildings and skilled nursing facilities. These regulations strictly look at the requirements of backup power solutions to ensure that everything is in place.

OSHPD – History, Meaning and More

A devastating Sylmar earthquake in 1971 lead to the collapse of several hospitals, thereby adversely impacting the state’s response to the calamity. This tragedy prompted a quick response from the state government when the Hospital Facilities Seismic Safety Act was formed. This was originally handled by the local building department which ensured that all healthcare buildings were reasonably capable of withstanding natural disasters like earthquakes.

Later, the responsibility was handed over to OSHPD, which now regulates the design and construction of healthcare facilities with the help of experienced design professionals and ensures that they are all safe to operate and protect patients’ lives.

What generators are OSHPD compliant today?

Since OSHPD is almost like a mandate, most major manufacturers ensure their generators are compliant with the regulations. Brands like Cummins, Kohler, Caterpillar, and Generac immediately made their equipment compliant with the OSHPD guidelines the moment they were made mandatory. These guidelines expect the generator sets to start and remain operational before, during and after the disaster has struck without losing power. That apart, they must not release any increased emissions, higher noise level or result in spill or leakage

To ensure that generators are capable of performing in such conditions, they are tested for seismic ‘shake table’ by placing them into realistic, earthquake-like conditions. These tests are done with and without fuel as well as with and without the enclosures.

Such stringent laws and testing procedures have ensured that all generators used in California, one of the biggest generator markets in the US, are of the highest quality and durability. The generators that are used in today’s medical facilities are far more improved and better performing than what they were before the act was passed. This has not only ensured better safeguarding of lives but also higher benefits for the ones using them.

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Frequently Asked Questions About OSHPD

What is OSHPD? 

OSHPD or Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development is a set of rules and regulations developed by the state of California that makes all power generators to be compliant with its rules, especially the ones that are installed in healthcare facilities.

Why did OSHPD come into existence?

This act was initially formed after the devastating Sylmar earthquake in 1971, and since then has been the backbone of safe, high-quality and durable generators, which ensure that healthcare services remain unaffected in the face of calamities.

Which generators are OSHPD compliant today?

Most generators like Caterpillar, Kohler, Cummins and Generac are OSHPD compliant. These brands brought a change in their manufacturing line itself to ensure that every machine manufactured from the time this act was brought into force was compliant with the rules and regulations.

Does OSHPD provide loan insurance?

Yes, OSHPD provides loan insurance to ensure that the capital needs of not-for-profit healthcare facilities across California are comfortably met.