Kohler remains one of the primary names that come to our mind when it comes to dependable power generators. Since 1920, Kohler has been providing reliable power systems that have helped redefine the use of power in businesses. They offer a range of generators that can generate 10-4,000 kW of power to suit the requirements of every business. Hence, the Kohler diesel generator is among the highly-preferred power generation sources. It is preferred for standby and prime power applications at various businesses. Every generator has an EPA-certification. Therefore, you can be sure that you are investing in something reliable and capable of meeting the latest emission requirements.

“Diesel generators are widely used in the United States, with approximately 12% of all commercial and industrial establishments relying on them as a backup power source.”

(Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration)


Certain features make every Kohler diesel generator better than the ones by lesser-known brands. Kohler provides a variety of accessories that can help you customize the generator of your choice. Certain standard features in Kohler diesel generators, like the high-ambient cooling, ensure that the equipment can perform under extreme operating conditions. Generators have a signature of PMG alternators, which provide high-end short-circuit capability that meets ANSI, NEMA MG1, and IEEE standards. Customization of decision-maker controls can happen with basic, paralleling, and advanced controls to match your business and operator needs.

Kohler generator

Summing up

A Kohler diesel generator is made up of improved and reliable parts like motor-starting alternators, heavy-duty enclosures, block heaters, fuel tanks, and air cleaners, and multiple circuit breakers. It can power up in 10 seconds or less and deliver high-quality, dependable power, even in the event of frequency and voltage changes. Kohler generators are easy to install while ensuring easy access to exhaust, load, and fuel locations, with bigger stub-up areas. Kohler engineers take time to design, test and fit each component on diesel generators to ensure the highest quality product. Even if you buy a used unit, it should still run perfectly as long as, you get it from a reputable supplier.

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