A single power outage can cost the average healthcare organization nearly $700,000.


Healthcare is far from the only industry that faces heavy losses. When the power goes out, costs rack up fast for everyone. Data centers can lose more than $8,000 per minute.

Viewed in that context, the costs of purchasing and installing a generator are pocket change. Keep reading to find out how a reliable Doosan generator can protect your business.

Are power outages really a big deal?

Storm-related power outages and damage alone cost the United States more than $30 billion a year. Outage frequency and impact continue to rise year over year.

The cost of updating America’s power infrastructure is estimated to be several trillion dollars. No plans to address updates of that scale currently exist.

As America’s infrastructure further ages, outages will only get worse. It will be up to individual businesses and industries to protect themselves against this threat.

Why generators?

Generators are one of the simplest and most effective options for combating power outages.

    • Anyone can purchase a generator appropriate to their needs
    • Generators are easy to install and maintain
    • Generator basics and operation are easy to learn
    • Generators are far less expensive than power-outage-associated losses
    • Generators can combat all forms of power outages (E.g. storms, grid damage, and emergency or disaster situations)

Generators can be portable or permanently installed and come in a range of sizes. Businesses can customize their selection to perfectly match their needs and budget.

Who needs power generators?

Almost every industry suffers serious losses when the power goes out. Losses come in the form of:

    • Lost wages and productivity
    • Damage to property and inventory
    • Loss of customers or damage to customer relations because of service interruption
    • Death or physical injury

Industries that tend to suffer the highest losses include:

    • Healthcare facilities
    • Government agencies
    • Hospitality operations
    • Foodservice providers
    • Telecom providers
    • Water treatment and sanitation facilities
    • Airlines and aerospace operations
    • Educational institutions
    • Cryptocurrency operations
    • Manufacturing plants


Backup power solutions are particularly important when lives are at stake. Any facility that houses life-sustaining equipment must have alternative power when an outage strikes. The same is true for facilities that rely on refrigeration and containment units for safety.

Generator Myths

Businesses sometimes balk or drag their feet because of misconceptions about generator operation. This puts their businesses, employees, and clients at unnecessary risk.

Contrary to popular misperceptions, generators:

    • Are cost-effective and easy to use
    • Can provide stability and cost-benefits even when the main power is on

With great Doosan generators for sale at budget-friendly prices, no business can justify not looking into backup power solutions.

Common Generator Sizes and Styles

If you’re new to generators, you may not understand where to start. Fortunately, figuring out what you need is easy.

    • Call your current power provider
    • Request a report showing your average and peak loads for the last year
    • Check the report for the amperage of your service, as well
    • Assume that your peak load figure should equal 75 percent of the total output your ideal generator is rated for
    • Start shopping for generators of that size

Remember to take any expansion plans you have into consideration. If you expect your power needs to increase, use your estimated future peak load to run your calculations.

Alternatively, you can purchase what you need now and add additional generators to your system later.

Benefits of Choosing a Doosan Generator

Buying a generator can be stressful, especially if you don’t know how a portable generator works. Fortunately, Doosan makes choosing the right generator for your needs easier.

No matter what size you choose, Doosan generators have all the features and benefits you need. They are:


Doosans are engineered to cover any territory and to survive the harshest weather conditions.


Engineered to work no matter what, Doosans won’t fail you.

Cool and Quiet

Doosans are the quietest generators on the market (74 dBA). Specially designed fans keep them running cool for convenience and safety.


Doosans use special catalyst treatment systems that eliminate the need for intensive and time-consuming deep cleanings.


Variable combustion pressure offers maximum fuel efficiency. Most models can hold 24 hours or more of fuel at a time.

Easy to Use 

Analog and LED displays are oversized for instant and easy reading. Fault lights and other indicators make Doosans user-friendly in all conditions.


Connection panels are spacious and well-marked for operator safety. Generator frames double as containment guards against leaks and spills.


Most models come with dual-frequency switches, allowing you to use one generator for multiple applications.

If those benefits weren’t enough, “extras” packages can further modify Doosans to meet your needs. Tundra package allows generators to function reliably at -40 degree temperatures. An overspeed shutoff option auto-stops the generator in unsafe conditions, maximizing safety on challenging jobsites.

New vs Used

Let’s say you decide you want a Doosan G70. You know it’s worth the money, but the budget it tight.

As it happens, you are in luck. Thanks to their exceptional design and construction, Doosans are just as reliable when you buy used as when purchased new.

Get Your Generator Today

A quality Doosan generator can make the difference between success and disaster for your business. It can save millions of dollars and even lives.

Don’t put off protecting your business another minute. Let the experts help you find the right generator for your needs today.