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Commercial Generator Installation Requirements

By | October 30th, 2023|Categories: Back-up generator, Commercial Generator, Standby Generator, Used Diesel Generator|

The generators that keep the industries running in the absence of power are referred to as commercial generators. They provide backup power to avoid losses or without halting industrial operations. The generators come in two varieties, providing two different types of conveniences. They can be standby or backup generators.  Standby Generators These generators offer instant power [...]

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Generator Excitation Methods and Systems

By | October 30th, 2023|Categories: Generator, Generator Excitation Systems|

The generator excitation systems have control over stability and efficiency and play a vital role in the application and functionalities of industries. The excitation here refers to creating and regulating the electrical fields within the generator’s rotor. A detailed understanding of the aspect is essential. The article covers the definition, components, types and methods of excitation.  [...]

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Generator Room Ventilation Requirements

By | October 26th, 2023|Categories: Generator Maintenance, Generator Room ventilation, Industrial generator|

Did you know that the emissions of generators account for about 10% of the consumed fuel? Ventilation or air replacement is one of the key aspects of sustainable operations of generators. It must be well-designed considering the environment of the generator room. Adequate ventilation contributes to the safety and efficiency of operations.  The elevated temperature results [...]

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Standby Generator vs Backup Generators: What’s the Major Difference?

By | October 26th, 2023|Categories: Back-up generator, Standby Generator|

A smooth power supply is essential for every area, from factory to manufacturing unit and even at home. Generators are an important component that helps with operational continuity and provides a seamless power supply. The question of standby generator vs backup generator is a common dilemma for businesses and homeowners seeking reliable solutions for power outages. [...]

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The Best Industrial Generators Of 2024

By | October 2nd, 2023|Categories: Commercial Generator, Industrial generator|

Industrial generators are essential to ensuring the continuity of business operations in the event of a blackout. The current climatic conditions are wreaking havoc across the globe. Add to this the surge in power demands, and blackouts are becoming a rather common occurrence.  If you are looking to power up your operations with an industrial generator, [...]

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Types of Generator Load Banks: A Complete Guide

By | October 2nd, 2023|Categories: Generator Load Banks|

A generator load bank is a tool for measuring a generator's energy consumption and power quality to ensure it's safe to keep running an installed generator. There are several kinds of load banks, including resistive, reactive, resistive/reactive, and electronic ones. Each has a purpose, and based on the load bank manufacturer you choose, you may use [...]

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What Is the Difference Between Continuous, Prime, and Standby Generators? 

By | October 2nd, 2023|Categories: Continous Generator, Prime Generator, Standby Generator|

It may seem simple to rely on a generator to keep your business running in the case of a severe blackout, but how can you choose which kind of generator would best meet your needs? Do you require a standby, prime, or continuous generator? Electricity needs vary depending on the type of business. Although they serve [...]

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How Long Does Diesel Fuel Last? How to Store It for Longer

By | September 30th, 2023|Categories: Diesel fuel, Fuel Tanks|

The last thing you need during an extended power outage is to run out of diesel fuel or discover that your supply has been contaminated. So, storing fuel properly is essential to avoid any future disruptions. But here's the kicker: Diesel has a short shelf life, and storing it correctly can be tricky. If you want [...]

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Commercial Generator Glossary

By | August 27th, 2023|Categories: Commercial Generator, Generator, Industrial generator|

Are you looking for a commercial generator glossary? You’ve come to the right place! As commercial generators continue to advance, the terms used in the industry are becoming more specific and technical. We've created this detailed generator glossary to help you understand and use generator jargon. You can bookmark it and return to this page whenever [...]

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How to Prevent Diesel Fuel Contamination?

By | August 20th, 2023|Categories: Diesel fuel, Diesel generator, Generator Maintenance|

If you operate any machinery that runs on diesel, fuel contamination can pose a serious threat to them. Microbial contamination, also known as the Diesel Bug, can not only reduce the performance of the fuel but also affect the internal components of your machinery, which can lead to costly repairs.    This blog will walk you through [...]

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